Saturday, December 3, 2016


NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams have ben one of my favorite lip products since before matte lip were even "in". They're cheap, come in fun colors and used to be my go-to for night's out when I wanted my lip color to stay on without me having to think about it the whole time. So when NYX first released their SMLC Vault, I was very excited. For $70 you could get every SMLC that has ever been released (there are 36 of 'em). I loved the idea but didn't initially jump for it.

Fast forward to the week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday when NYX released on their Instagram Story that they would be releasing more of them exclusively at Ulta on the biggest shopping day of the year. Seeing as I hadn't paid attention to the vault since it's release, I was confused. Turns out, it was impossible to find this collection of products anywhere. I don't believe in shopping Black Friday or Thanksgiving all that much so I told myself that I wouldn't be getting the vault and maybe I could check Ulta later that weekend for it.

Ulta opened at 6pm on Thanksgiving night. I was in North Carolina with my family and found myself bored at 5:45 so I journeyed over to the store and waited in line to get this puppy. As everyone in front of me in line veered towards the prestige side of the store, I wandered over the the NYX endcap, grabbed the vault and checked out. I was successfully the first customer to check out on Thanksgiving evening.

I still wasn't sold on them. I think NYX should have released the vault with the lip creams in color order so it wouldn't be SO overwhelming. When trying out new colors I hadn't tried before, I found myself frazzled and uninterested suddenly. After being swayed by my Instagram followers (check me out at @beautymunson) to keep the vault, I started the swatching process. I organized everything by color to make it more appealing to us all!

Enough talk. Here they are— all 36 of NYX Cosmetics' Soft Matte Lip Creams:

Let me know if you would be interested in on-lip swatches. For obvious reasons I did not do them for this first giant swatch party but I would be glad to do them for another post in the future. Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I have been wanting to get into Jouer liquid lipsticks for so long. My fire has been fueled solely by Mariah Leonard. I finally bit the bullet and nabbed Payaye and their beautiful lip topper, Skinny Dip. What’s crazy about this purchase is that the same day I bought them off of Nordstrom’s website, I saw that they were releasing mini lipsticks in a Holiday Set that included Papaye and Skinny Dip! I decided I would try the two out and then most likely return them and purchase the holiday kit.

Well, I’ll be returning them. But I don’t think I’ll be purchasing the holiday kit.

For as long as I have been waiting for a great quality and long lasting pink/gold duochromed and metallic liquid lipstick, Papaye is unfortunately not for me. I am making myself return it because the gold metallic shines over any kind of pink within the lippie on my pale skin and it will probably only be worn a few times. I have to keep my spending habit under control and keep my senses so I will be giving it back to the Jouer gods :(

Skinny Dip is really really really pretty. I like it on it’s own. I liked it over other lipsticks. But again, I just didn’t LOVE it enough to hold onto it.

Here are some photos of the products— followed by swatches and on-lip photos:

As you can see, both just don't work with my skin tone. Papaye is too gold, not enough pink. Skinny Dip is not enough gold. Bummer.

Have any of you tried any more "normal" liquid lipsticks by Jouer? I'm still looking to try some out!
Let me know :)

Thursday, November 10, 2016


This is my first post about a Sugarpill Cosmetics product!! On it's second release, I was able to purchase their super cool liquid lipstick in the shade 'Trinket'. Trinket is a natural rose shade upon application and in the tube but exudes golden glitter once the lipstick has dried and you rub your lips together. It's the coolest thing I have seen in awhile.

See how ridiculously cool this is?! I have to say, for as cool as it is, you can think of the words "glittery lipstick" and know exactly what I'm about to say. It is a bit gritty buuuut not in the way that I have experienced before. It's a matte liquid lip so the grit becomes flaky and I have consistently dealt with having the flakes get in my teeth and make the look appear messy.

That being said, I am a sucker for a good pink-to-gold lipstick and this is different than anything else I own. It's fun to toss on and play around with but I can't ever see myself wearing it out and about since I'm not confident that it would stay put.

What do you think of the finish, though?!

Monday, November 7, 2016


What do you do when you have an awkward $13 left on your Bloomingdales gift card? Buy a single eyeshadow, duh.

I recently purchased "I'm Into It" from MAC's Banging Brilliant collection because it looked like it swatched very similarly to Urban Decay's 'Busted' without the shimmer. I looove Busted but it's shimmery and I prefer it in my crease so we know what that looks like.

After swatching, it appears that I'm Into It leans slightly more red but I really have been digging red shades on the eyes lately so it's not a loss for me whatsoever.

It's one of those purchases that is boring but necessary. I always gravitate to crazy green or orange shades and have seemed to forgotten the importance in everyday colors.

I really like this as a crease shade. I'll be posting some looks soon using it!

Friday, November 4, 2016


Hi there and Happy ___!

Today I am sharing with you my newest lip color trifecta. 

After purchasing the minis from Kylie Cosmetics from Kylie’s Birthday Collection, I spent some time figuring out which shade worked the best for me. Although I love love love Kristen, I decided that the most “me” color was Candy K. It’s my exact “my lips” shade when my lips are flushed and not blending into my skin (which they do.. often). I liked Candy K the best so I picked up the matching lip liner and gloss since Kylie sells them separately now! I’ve never owned a matching lip liner and lipstick and man, gloss.. I haven’t really ever worn gloss in my life because I always hate that my hair would get stuck in it. I’m working on growing up so maybe lip gloss will be in my cards now haha

Here are the three swatched and on my lips step-by-step:

The lip liner is really as smooth and silky as I had heard it to be. It’s a hUgE contrast to the NYX lip liners that I use (and are the only ones I own) because those are very stiff and take a bit of tug to apply. I have accumulated so many of those and they are sooooo cheap that I simply never felt the need to get any duplicate colors from other companies with better formulas.

I’m glad I finally tried another one.

I’m really impressed with all of Kylie’s products that I have tried and I can’t wait to wear a glossy lip for a change! The gloss isn’t too slippery or sticky. I really enjoy it!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016



It has been two years since I last purchased a Holiday Sephora Favorites bundle and man, I must have missed out last year because this year is INCREDIBLE. They just keep getting better and better.

For $75, I got ALL of the items listed on the front of the box:

Yeah. Crazy.

  • Laura Mercier loose translucent setting powder w/ a puff
  • FOREO Luna Play
  • nude Beautyblender
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in 'Moonstone'
  • Urban Decay Vice lipstick in '714'
  • Tarte 4-in-1 Marine Boosting spray
  • The Estee Edit Kohl Shadowstick in 'Black Viper'
  • Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in 'Trooper'
  • NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in 'Custard'
  • Cover FX Enhance Click in 'Bubbly'
  • Glamglow Supermud
  • Benefit Ka-Brow! in '3'
Of all these items, the ones that I am the most excited about are the Laura Mercier loose setting powder and the Becca Shimmering Skin perfector. The loose setting powder because I was finally able to try out baking and while it was not the best attempt, it was still something that I’ve never done and got to play with. Additionally, I’m very excited to try out the FOREO Luna Play. I had never heard of the brand before purchasing this but I’m into vibrating facial cleansers because they don’t pull and tear at your skin like rotating ones.

The NARS concealer in ‘Custard’ is unfortunately too dark for my skin but luckily, the Benefit Ka-Brow! is the PERFECT shade for me. I really like the dry formula because it offers a different way for me to fill in parts of my brows. I’m used to my silky eyeshadows and felt tip pens.

The Tarte Marine spray can be used as a primer, a setting spray or a refreshing spritz. It can be sprayed directly on a face brush to elongate the staying power of the product, too. It’s a very cool and versatile product.

I also really like the color of Urban Decay’s ‘714’ Vice lipstick but it’s supposed to be a matte finish and when I wore it, the color never seemed to mattify. Which is fine. I’m not a part of the matte-or-go-home club. The color is pretty enough whatever the finish is.

The only negative that I experienced was with the GlamGlow mask. I have used this exact one in the past (last 2013 through mid-2014) and I loved it. Used the entire jar. I opened up this mini tube last night to apply the mask to my T-zone and chin, washed off once it was dried after about 10 minutes and I ended up with a face that would scare you. It looked like I was severely, severely sunburnt. Here's a photo of my face. It makes sense because my face started to severely tingle and burn after about 4 minutes of wearing the mask. Very weird. This never used to happen. So I have concluded that the formula must have changed over the past couple of years although I cannot confirm since I don't know what the formula consisted of in the past. 

I really just can't get over what a great deal this group of products is. I would without a doubt go get this guy online or in-store ASAP. Especially if you know that NARS 'Custard' is your shade! 

Alright, that is it for today. Thank you so much for reading!

Monday, October 31, 2016


Hello everybody! Happy Monday.

Today I am sharing with you my newest lippie to add to my collection.

Introducing... Urban Decay's Vice lipstick in '714'

Yeah. Lip lines ain't crisp. Sorry :(

I got this guy in the 2016 Sephora Favorites Beauty's Most Trending bundle and I love the color. It's bright, festive berryish red and it really has a POP factor. It's advertised as a matte but I never experienced it matte-ing down. It seemed to stay satin, which was fine. I was so impressed that I got a full sized lipstick (a fairly newly released one) in this Sephora Favorites group. You really truly cannot beat the $75 price tag for what you get, especially this year. If you’re looking to pick up one of UD’s Vice lipsticks, they are $17 each.

Another lipstick post: complete