Monday, July 20, 2015


First off, I hope you all appreciate the new spelling of my Music Monday series. Seemed fitting. Welcome to Music MUNday!

The past few months have been full of me binge listening to a select few albums. There were a lot of singles that I liked throughout too but these four albums made up the majority of my listening time.

First up, Betty Who's album 'Take Me When You Go'-- the standout best and most awesome song off this album is 'All of You'. Seriously stop reading right now and go scroll down to my Spotify player and listen to it. You'll J-A-M. Next best is High Society and Dreaming of You. Plus, you've probably already heard the song 'Somebody Loves You'.


Smallpools' first full-length, Lovetap! I dug this band before but after seeing them live a few months ago in a tiny venue in downtown Richmond I fell in love. They have so much fun performing and within their lyrics. I have so many favorite tracks but if I had to list the they'd be... Dreaming (best), No Story Time, Mason Jar and Over & Over.

Kacey Musgraves is a country twangin' sweetheart with a modern approach to life. She's not afraid to let you know that she dabbles in some marijuana or that she prefers the country to California. She's a breath of fresh air that somebody like me who is straddling on the 'liking country' and 'not really digging it' line can appreciate and rock out to. My favorite tracks off of her album 'Pageant Material' are Dime Store Cowgirl, Late To The Party, Cup of Tea and her single, Biscuits. I typically don't like female country singers but this girl rules.

Last but CERTAINLY not least are my homegirls Fifth Harmony. I used to be in love with their internet fanbase rivals Little Mix but after they cancelled an entire US tour and sketchily began "writing a new album", I lost interest. Fifth Harmony holds it down. They're getting big and they will be real large very soon. Their album Reflection is the ultimate album for women. They aren't afraid to use their sex appeal despite their young ages and young fans and they aren't afraid to completely love themselves loudly. Absolute bomb songs are REFLECTION & GOING NOWHERE!!! My top two faves. Also love Suga Mama. These girls are goooood.

Take a listen!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

MAKEUP OF THE DAY - 07/18/15

Some how in some way I found myself having off on a Saturday! It's definitely a rare occasion so I'm taking full advantage and keeping myself busy— and outdoors— all day. Since I had as much time as I wanted to get ready, I did things a little differently today and played around a bit with some products that haven't seen the light in awhile.

I've had a couple of blemishes pop up lately which is usual for my skin in the summertime but they've been nothing that my beloved Pro Longwear concealer can't handle! I hadn't pulled out my Vice palette by Urban Decay in a hella long time so I decided today was the day to give it some love. I created a pretty purple melt across the eye using a few shades and brought back a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil as well! Check out the products that I used below.

Products used
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay eyeshadows in 'Rapture' (outer half), 'Provocative' (inner half) and 'Vice' (crease/blending)
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 'Pots and Pans' underneath 'Provocative' to give it something to stick to
Stila Stay All Day liquid eyeliner
Maybelline Colossal mascara (top lashes)
L'Oreal Miss Manga Rock (bottom lashes)

Urban Decay eyeshadows in 'Secret Service' (darker) and 'Naked' (lighter)

Benefit The Big Easy liquid foundation in 'Fair'
MAC Pro Longwear concealer in N15
MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in 'Light'
MAC Wash and Dry Studio Sculpt Defining Powder in 'Delicates'
MAC blush in 'Melba'

NARS Satin lip pencil in 'Rikugien'

Also, can we talk about Sephora's birthday gift this year/month/right now?! Two NARS lip pencils?! OMG These are by far the best birthday gifts I've gotten from them and I've been gettin' 'em every year for a looooongggggg time… love love love! BUT that's all I've got for today! I hope you guys like the look and I'll talk to ya next week.

Enjoy your weekend! I know I will mine.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


A different eyeliner technique! !! !!!! !!!!!!! !!

I'm obsessed. I wanted to wear a thicker liner today but didn't want to look too intense so I was playing around with ideas and came up with this technique! I used my Stila liquid liner to define the outer wing and to line the rest of my lash line verrrrrrry thinly. Then I took my blackest eyeshadow by Urban Decay and a short bristled shadow brush and thickened up the wing while keeping the look soft and faded it towards the center of my lid.

This could have gone either way but I LOVED it and will totally be wearing this out for the next couple of days.

Products used:
Urban Decay eyeshadow in 'Straycat'
Stila Stay All Day liquid liner
Urban Decay eyeshadow in 'Blackout'
L'Oreal Miss Manga Rock mascara
Brows - Urban Decay eyeshadow in 'Secret Service' (Excuse the non-groomed hairs)

Benefit The Porefessional primer
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer in 'Fair'
MAC Studio Sculpt Defining Powder in 'Delicates'
MAC blush in 'Melba'

Let me know how you like this look below!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I've been waiting to buy new makeup until I had a solid group that needed to be replaced/repurchased and I finally and I mean.. FINALLY hit that point last month. Here's what I got and what those products replaced. I'll letcha know if they were good replacement decisions or not… read on!

OUT: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in 'Milk Chocolate'

Let me start off by saying that I purchased that Too Faced bronzer in 2012. TWENTY-TWELVE. To be fair, I didn't begin wearing bronzer on a daily basis until last year but still that is an insanely long amount of time. I'm not even out of my Too Faced bronzer. I just barely hit pan just a couple of weeks ago and I needed to upgrade simply because I was bored of using the same one all of these years.

Cue the new MAC collection. I stumbled upon it's announcement one day and decided I wanted to get one of the blushes. After looking around I realized I was dumb and that this 'Delicates' bronzer was PERFECT and there was no way I could pass it up. It's as light as 'Milk Chocolate', which is difficult to find. It has a shimmer going throughout it in the pan but I don't see any luminescence on my face when applied. That packaging, too… If you want to see my post on this product then click the link above!

Good choice? Sure. Too Faced's product was amazing but I just got bored. I love MAC's as a replacement but I can see myself going back to Too Faced after this guy wears out. Did you hear Too Faced came out with a 'Chocolate' shade in their bronzers???? Even lighter than 'Milk Chocolate'???? Of course that announcement came after I bought this new guy. Oh well. I'll have my fun for a little.

OUT: Benefit Gimme Brow
IN: Maybelline Brow Drama

Oh, brows. The used to be so ignored but now I feel like none of us are considered 'made up' until our brows are 'on'. I know I definitely don't. Benefit's Gimme Brow came out when the brow craze was kicking up and it was one of a kind— still is. I thought I would be getting something similar (keyword: similar) when I replaced it with the much, much cheaper Brow Drama by Maybelline but I simply just got a colored brow gel. Gimme Brow was fantastic when you didn't feel like grabbing a brush and product to draw on your brows and just needed to sweep something through them to give 'em some life. The downside was that when the product was brand new, it was too wet. Towards the end of it's life it was too dry. It was never really a win because of that which is why I wanted to replace it.

Although Brow Drama is not the same fiber-gel that will build up your brows, I am liking it better as a brow gel (which is what I used Gimme Brow for 85% of the time) because the bristles are long and thin so that they get the product onto your hairs but not your skin. I'm content with my replacement decision. For notes, Gimme Brow is $24 while Brow Drama is $8.

OUT: L'Oreal Blackbuster eyeliner
IN (again): Stila Stay All Day eyeliner

Another long-awaited purchase, I've had this L'Oreal eyeliner for over a year. It still works but it's obviously old, gross and not the best eyeliner I've ever used. The only reason I say that in this post is because Stila's Stay All Day eyeliner is. I had this before the Blackbuster and it was incredible but I didn't repurchase because of it's $20 price tag. After a year of a drugstore liner, I was ready to splurge on my favorite again. The tip is so thin and precise and the felt tip doesn't dry out like most others. 

That being said, if you aren't looking to throw so much at a product then the Blackbuster is still a really nice alternative just know it's a little chunkier and takes a steady hand when you get to the inner area of your eyelids.

OUT (or is it?): Maybelline Colossal mascara
in: L'Oreal Miss Manga Rock mascara

I'm glad I waited to write this post because… Miss Manga is horrible. I thought it was from Day One but it's only gotten worse since then. Colossal is not out. I bought a new Colossal. It's my holy grail mascara and it simply cannot be replaced.

Miss Manga Rock makes eyelashes turn into spears and not in a good way if that's how you're imagining it. I simply cannot apply it to my naked lashes and have had menial luck using one swift swipe on my outer lashes to clumpen and thicken things up just a little bit. The main reason why Maybelline is ALWAYS my mascara go-to brand is because they actually use bristles. I've found that L'Oreal often times uses plastic shaped as bristles (and short, stubby ones at that) which never works on my eyes. I learned my lesson. I saw a review on YouTube and it persuaded me to buy MMR but I'm probably gonna toss it in a few weeks. Maybe I'll wait to see if it becomes manageable once it dries out a little idk I just hate it right now and don't even want to think about it. Bleh. Colossal for lyfe.

Sorry for the delay in posting but I've been pretty busy and wanted to be sure to dedicate the proper time on the post. Doesn't help that I had it all finished and somebody blogger deleted all of my progress :( But I'm glad to finally have it back up and expect a Music MUNday post next week!

Talk to y'all soon,

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Hellooooooo my pretty….

Sorry for the iPhone quality photos. I'm in the midst of moving and my camera is not in my possession currently!

In classic spur of the moment fashion, I picked up a new item from MAC's latest collection. I just happened to be strolling around the internet on my pay day and saw that this collection had been released and saw that there was a bronzer in it… in this incredible packaging. 100% the reason why I bought this was because of the packaging and once I was in the car on my way to my MAC counter I realized that this was meant to be because I just hit pan on my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (after three years let me tell you!!!!) and was in the market for a new bronzer. I was in between repurchasing my beloved Too Faced but also wanted to try out the Hourglass Bronzing Powder but this Studio Sculpt Bronzing Powder is like both of those two combined!

There is a beautiful, delicate sheen in this light brown powder which lightly illuminates while staying true to it's name, "Delicates". It isn't too dark. It isn't too intense. It's perfect for pale people like me and finally my boyfriend can stop telling me that he can "smell my makeup" because it doesn't smell like chocolate like my incumbent bronzer.

What I've been doing is circling this around my face with a larger powder brush in the bronzing hot spots and then going in with NYX's 'Taupe' blush juuuuuust barely in the hollows of my cheeks to add some dimension.

I'm ngl, I feel pretty cool when I wear my MAC blush, this bronzer and my mineralized skin finish natural. This is the most MAC I've ever owned and now I'm slowly getting addicted because all of the products I own absolutely ROCK.

If you can, try to pick this guy up. He's 110% worth it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I was given the opportunity to try on JoyKatharine Jewelry's golden knot ring this past week! It's an adorably dainty but detailed wire knotted ring that looks great paired with other rings and gold bracelets or on it's on! It stacks well but is quaint enough on it's on to be worn by itself which is what I found myself doing the most this week. My skinny little fingers fit a size 7 well but I could have probably gotten away with a 6. The wiring is sturdy but can be bent to fit your exact finger shape perfectly.

Thank you so much to JoyKatharine Jewelry! I love this ring so much!
Check out the rest of the goodies she has for sale and let me know if you purchase any!

P.S. I totally have my eye on this twisted pearl necklace. SWOON!

Sunday, January 25, 2015


MAC's blue brown pigment is impossible. I truly don't know how makeup artists manage to pull that stuff off. In today's look I handed out my best attempt at the stuff. Hope you enjoy! Products listed below.

-Benefit The POREfessional primer
-Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer in 'Fair' (under eyes)
-MAC Pro Longwear concealer in NC15
-MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in 'Light'
-Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer in 'Milk Chocolate'

-LORAC Behind the Scenes eye primer
-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in 'Rust' and 'Black Bean' (Rust all over and Black Bean in center)
-MAC 'Blue Brown' pigment (all over and placed wet in center)
-Urban Decay eye shadow in' Tease' (transition/crease)
-LORAC eye shadow in 'Sable' (deepening crease)
-Benefit Push-Up eyeliner
-Maybelline Colossal mascara
-Urban Decay eye shadow in' Secret Service' (brows)

-NYX Pale Pink lip liner
-Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick in 'Bare All'
-NARS Dolce Vita lipstick