Monday, October 22, 2018


Happy Monday my friends!

Today I'm comparing two newly-released mascaras. Kush by Milk Makeup and Caution by Hourglass Cosmetics. If you would like to hear what I have to say in video format with a side-by-side on-the-eyes demo, scroll to the bottom of this post to watch my YouTube video on these products!

Please ignore the beat-up packaging.. it just goes to show that I've actually had these in my makeup bag and purse for the past few months!
I bought these mascaras fairly close to one another.. kind of.. (Kush on May 10th and Caution on August 24th) but at the time of their respective releases, they were each highly raved about online. I have never purchased a full-sized mid to high range mascara because I've never been unhappy with my drugstore Maybelline faves. I decided to give these both a go because of the hype and I feel that one of these were a waste of money while the other was not! See the below photos to try to guess which mascara matches with which response...

To further explain what's going on in the above photos, both mascaras are fine. They both lengthen and give body to the lash. The main differences are in 1. how much length they give, 2. clumpability and 3. depth of color.

1. Length -- The Hourglass Caution mascara ($29) gives my lashes a bit more length than the Milk Makeup Kush mascara ($24)

2. The Kush mascara clumps SIGNIFICANTLY more than the Caution mascara and is unable to get those clumps out.

3. The Caution mascara is a deeper black that stays true all day.

I much prefer the Hourglass Caution mascara because it applies beautifully and is never finicky, doesn't flake and stays a deep black all day. The packaging of the Hourglass mascara is sleek and pretty while the Kush mascara is heavy and clunky. The two mascaras are about the same amount of product (.34 oz Kush versus .33 oz Caution) with dissimilar price tags but if I had to choose one of these mascaras to repurchase, I would splurge the extra amount to buy the Hourglass for the formula.

I reviewed these mascaras side-by-side in a YouTube video, too! Check it out below:

I would love to know if you've tried one or both of these mascaras and what your opinion is on them! Mascara is such a personal choice-- I'm always interested in how one formula could work so well for one person and horribly for another. Let me know!

Friday, October 19, 2018


Today I'm sharing with you another small nook of my little apartment (640 sqft is no joke, my friends. We lovingly refer to it as our "tiny cube") This area serves as the dining room and the home office as my fiancé works from home 100% of the time. Keep reading to see more angles and get links to the items we have in the room.

We previously had this dining table with pine legs and it's such a solid piece of furniture. I highly highly highly recommend it for any small space! I sold the pine once I saw there was a walnut version available. Walnut over all other woods. Always.

The rug has worked out perfectly with the round table because it mirrors the same silhouette and has also helped define the dining area from the working space.

Dining chairs: Target (!!!)
Office chair: World Market

This removable wallpaper has been featured on the blog in the past and I'm not sure how I lived so plainly in my home before it. I love it. Our desk is a different brand than the dining table but has a very similar style and the same tones and I think they go so well together. Any professional home renter who still loves home design (like me-- sigh) NEEDS removable wallpaper!

Desk: Wayfair
Mirror: Target

Plant: Ficus Elastica Tineke (Variegated Rubber Plant) post coming soon!
Pot: HomeGoods
Stand: TJ Maxx

What is your favorite part of this room? I've been curating it slowly over the past two years that we've lived in our "cube" and of course, we are planning to move soon now that I have everything perfect. That's okay, though. Home design is a fun hobby and I'm excited to perfect our next space.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Today's post is all about Glossier!

Honestly, does it need any introduction? Glossier is the "barely there" makeup brand. Think: cool LA model girl makeup

Okay let's get into it.. I've been purchasing Glossier on and off for the past four years and have tried a fair amount of products by the brand. I no longer own….. all but one of them. That's not to say I didn't like all of the items that I tried but— you'll see. Let's get into my Final Opinions of Glossier.

Milky Jelly Cleanser: This cleanser was the first product I tried from Glossier in 2014. I'd heard about it for a little while and was intrigued by word of a cleanser that also removed makeup. This cleanser lived in my shower for about two years after I bought it and I did not repurchase it. It did remove makeup. I just feel like it didn't clean my skin very effectively. The smell was a bit strange to me as well. It wasn't bad nor was it good.. it was just a little grandma-y.

Boy Brow: Boy Brow is my favorite product by Glossier. BB is a brow pomade in a brow gel component that helps thicken brow hairs and gives them a tint (unless you use the clear one). What makes it superior to other brow gels is that it truly thickens the hairs that need it and the thick pomade formula stays in the hairs pretty well (although not holding the hairs stiff like some other gels). I did repurchase Boy Brow once or twice but do not currently own any right now because I don't feel like placing an order with Glossier for only one product.

Cloud Paint: If you want something that will give you the most bang for your buck, it's Cloud Paint. Unlike other Glossier products that require you to truly slather them on for them to make an intense impact, CP requires suuuuuuch a smaaaall amount of product to be overly pigmented that it's almost unbelievable. I bought the color 'Puff', which was a cute baby pink. I did not repurchase and I got rid of it before finishing because I wasn't reaching for it over my powder blushes.

Haloscope: Haloscope was the original "glossy" highlight. It was so good at being glossy because it never actually dried down on the face. I would wear Haloscope when I had my hair up in a power ponytail and pulled away from my face otherwise I would have been touching my sticky cheekbones everytime I tucked my hair behind my ears. That being said, it really is pretty. You can layer up a lot of product for an intense glow or keep it natural with just one application/swipe. I recently got rid of Haloscope when I did my last makeup collection clean out because I never reached for it over my powder options.

Generation G: Generation G is truly an innovative product. It applies like a lip balm and had a completely matte finish. I bought the color 'Crush', a magenta-wine hybrid and the color did show up on my fairly pigmented lips but I cannot imagine it would have shown up on anyone with pigment in their lips at all. I feel all of the colors would be like this except for their red shade. I ended up selling this on Poshmark after only using it a handful of times. The buyer said that it didn't show up on their lips…. oops?

Balm Dot Com: I purchased the 'Birthday' balm dot com, which is a clear balm with glitter in it and it smells like cake. I do like it but not enough for it to be my everyday lip balm. I keep it at my desk at work where I don't usually need to apply anything to my lips. I could easily live without this product but the Birthday shade is kinda fun to have on hand for random applications. It moisturizes my lips pretty well so there's no harm in holding on.

Invisible Shield: I loved the idea of a more inclusive sunscreen that also managed to not smell like sunscreen. I ended up throwing this product out about halfway through the bottle because I read that it doesn't have the proper ingredients to actually protect your skin from sun damage… just whatever is used to avoid getting sunburnt. Sorry, that's not enough for me. I want TRUE sun protection. It did smell fine though and was truly invisible!

Stretch Concealer: Stretch concealer is an emollient, tinted, balmy product. I can only assume it would be better suited for somebody who has dry undereyes because the product doesn't dry down on its own. With powder you are fine but once I start to get oily throughout the day, the product won’t feel or sit right. Additionally, there wasn't enough coverage for me (which I understand is the Glossier schtick). I no longer own this product.

All in all, I have tried some things that I've enjoyed from Glossier but for the most part I feel that I am not the right gal for the brand— which is fine! There are plenty of people they cater to and who knows, I may go back and buy another Boy Brow one day because I really do like it.. but for now, no more Glossier aside from my random work chapstick!

What are your favorite and least favorite things from the brand? They have expanded massively over the past year and I would love to hear if they have any awesome new products that I may have not paid any attention to.

Monday, October 15, 2018

MAKEUP OF THE DAY: 10/13/2018

I rocked a lilac-y eye this weekend. Here are the details:

-Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer

-Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Matte Longwear Foundation in '120'
-Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer in 'Fair Warm'
-YSL Touche Eclat Radiance Perfecting Pen in '2'
-Rimmel Stay Matte powder in 'Translucent'
-MAC Wash & Dry Studio Sculpt Defining bronzer in 'Delicates'
-Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in 'Exposed'
-Tarte Amazonian Clay highlighter in 'Exposed'

-Urban Decay Anti-aging Primer Potion

-Makeup Geek eyeshadow in 'Petal Pusher'
-Urban Decay eyeshadow in 'Tease'
-Urban Decay eyeshadow in 'Secret Service'
-Makeup Geek eyeshadow in 'Pillow Talk'
-Colorpop eyeshadow in 'Glass Bull'
-Kat Von D Tattoo eyeliner
-Hourglass Caution mascara
-Eyelure x Nicole Guerriero lashes in 'Casually Glamorous'
BROWS: Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in 'Medium Brown' and clear brow gel

-Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte lip paint in 'Exposed'

-Lancôme Matte Shaker in 'Nude and Roses'

I ended up actually wearing Sugarpill's ‘Cupid’ out to the event I went to!

I love a good purple eye and although I did not intentionally go for a lighter, lilac kinda thing I really liked how it came out. Would you have added anything more to this look? Glitter? What about less? No false lashes? LMK your opinion!

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Hello! I spend a lot of my free time watching and streaming media and today I want to share with you what I'm watching this month!

TV: This is Us (Season 3)/Survivor (Season 37)

Maybe it's because I'm old-fashioned or maybe it's just because I like a routine but I still watch TV shows "live". I don't mind the commercial breaks and I enjoy having to stop what I'm doing in order to watch the newest episode each week. The two shows I'm watching on TV this month are This is Us and Survivor.

I started This is Us as the first season wrapped up; after hearing all of the hype. I do like the show and have gotten attached to the storyline but I've yet to cry over it... so I feel like I'm not loving it as much as the average American. I hear this season is the last season? I won't be heartbroken if it is, however, I have rekindled my love for Mandy Moore through the show and I look forward to seeing what she works on next. I started watching Survivor on its second season after my family watched Season 1 without me (I was six years old so no biggie, really) and watched hardcore for many, many years. I stopped watching while in college but my family continued through and got me roped back in a couple of years ago. It's still soooo good. If you watched when it premiered, you'll notice the game and how people play it are both different but in a really good, strategic way. This season started off wild with one of the players breaking his BACK on the first episode AND a hurricane hitting on the second episode. If I wasn't fully intrigued already, I definitely am now.

YOUTUBE: Three Birds Renovations (House Nine)

If you love home renovation shows like me but also like a little quirk in your design, you will absolutely be obsessed with Three Birds Renovations. They showcase different homes they renovate (one at a time) on their Youtube channel. Currently they are working on "House Nine" but prior to this home, two of the hosts renovated their "dream homes" and it was so refreshing to see fun tile choices and interesting colors and inclusions into these homes that you would never, ever see on a mass marketed show on HGTV. The episodes are filmed incredibly well and the three ladies' personalities create the perfect balance for an entertaining yet educational show. Their channel is a must watch.

NETFLIX: Ozark (Season 2)

Me and my fiancé watched Season 1 of Ozark on a whim because we like crime-focused shows and because Jason Bateman is pretty damn likeable. I’m not gonna lie, this show is a bit boring but as someone interested in crime and justice (it's actually my day job), this show does enough to keep me watching. At this point, I'm watching because I've already invested many hours and I figure I may as well finish out the show. That being said, it's a fairly popular show on Netflix so I'm sure there are more positives to it than I am speaking to.

OTHER: Jack Ryan on Amazon Video

Speaking of day job, Amazon's Jack Ryan showcases a gov't analyst getting involved with the operational side of foreign affairs. It stars John Krasinski and is actually really good IMO. The subject matter, star actor and decency lead me to recommend it to you all. The show is based off the book and movie and as in most cases, is not as good *from what I hear* but seeing as I've never read or watched the original(s), I’m none the wiser and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Fall is the best dang time for television and I’ll be so sad when it’s all over! I have a solid media routine of Monday football, Tuesday This Is Us, Wednesday Survivor, Thursday football, Friday streaming and Saturday/Sunday more football. What all are you watching this season?

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Back at it again with a collection post! Today’s collection showcase is of my Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipsticks. If you have a soft spot for bullet lipsticks like myself, you’ve gotta try this formula by Bite. These lippies are comfortable, pigmented and come in such a fun range of shades. My personal collection is a good example of that, I think!

The first Amuse Bouche I bought was Sugarcane. Sugarcane is my favorite, natural kinda pink.

Unfortunately, I failed to realize that Quince was not a part of the AB formula. Quince is a brighter magenta that I don’t believe is even available any longer (sorry! Major F-up on my part) A dupe for this shade in the AB family appears to be Radish (thanks Temptalia!) The best part of the real formula of these lipsticks is that while comfortable, they are also fairly thick and hold their position on the mouth aka no bleeding even for the brightest or darkest of shades.

Pepper is that 90’s “greige” that we all seemed to love in 2016 made a bit warmer to allow your look to appear a bit livelier.

My funky colors are Lavender Jam and Kale. I’m realizing now there is some kind of food theme going on here... but anyway, Lavender Jam is such a fun color. It’s pretty blue which IMO makes it fairly less wearable than a warmer purple so I don’t go for this shade that often but I like having the option for a fun purple pop whenever I want it without having to buy a cheap costume-quality lipstick. Kale is a deeeeeep forest green. Really deep. I bought this at TJ Maxx at a discount otherwise I probably wouldn’t have ever bought it. I love me a dark lip-- Deep wines, purples and even black are my thing. The issue for me is that my lip shape requires a bit of overlining for shades SO deep and I am at the point in my life where I don’t rock a deep lip (especially one that requires extra work) as much anymore but just like Lavender Jam, I enjoy having this in my collection as an option for whenever the right time comes.

On top of the great options for shades, Bite's Amuse Bouche lipsticks get released fairly often as part of different promotions so there's always a new, exciting shade to be looking to purchase. I was tempted to buy their 'Cancer' shade in July from their on-going Horoscope collection but decided against it as it was similar to Pepper. LMK below your personal Amuse Bouche recommendations for me to try out next!

Friday, October 5, 2018


Okay, okay. You may think this is a strange post. "Come on Bails— how hard could avocado toast be?!"

It's not. That's the point!

I'm big into avocado toast but not in the I'm-a-milennial-and-can't-afford-a-house kinda way. More like in the homemade, buy-one-bag-of-seeds-and-you're-good-for-months way. For those who may not know, I've been a vegetarian for over a decade. The math just barely adds up, yes. I was in middle school when I decided I would no longer eat meat. I went through some trials and tribulations but here I am thriving at age 25! A friend recently reached out to me asking for some veggie recipes so I decided I would continue on my Foodie Friday series where I’ll post every now and then with some of my tried and true veghead meals. First up? An avocado toast with two different salts and eight kinds of seeds.

Alrighty, here's what you're gonna need:
  • A good sourdough bread. The more local, the better, although my Safeway makes a fine loaf!
  • Coarse salt— I actually use two. A kosher salt and Maldon Sea Salt Flakes (they are worth it, trust me)
  • Black pepper
  • Crushed red pepper flake
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Chia Seed
  • Hemp Seed
  • Trader Joe's Super Seed & Ancient Grain blend
  • An avocad
There's really not anything else to say. The good info was the blend of ingredients listed above! Toast your bread and smush on your avocado with a fork and layer up the toppings. It's sooooo good. Wanna add a egg? Easy. Hot sauce? Done. It's so fancy yet so easy and the perfect base to add on even more.

I asked my Instagram followers last month to share their go-to avocado toast toppings and I got some solid answers but some really wild ones as well. Let me know below what your personal go-to is!

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