Monday, December 31, 2012


Since getting my iPhone last October, I've been obsessed with Instagram. I mean, not like everybody else hasn't but just that I'm definitely not immune to it. I decided since this was my first full year with the app to do a year in review. 2012. In my Instagrams. Here we go..

  • I took my new year's resolution to get healthier and fitter and actually succeeded-- until I had to go to college. But for those first 7 months, I ate incredibly well, exercised and took my health into consideration. I also cut out soda for a second year and did phenomenally, only allowing myself to drink it twice (once in OK and on my birthday) again until I went to college. Darn unhealthy choices everywhere.
  • I got into The University of Oklahoma, my 'dream' school. It was pretty cool.
  • Got sucked into the whole Stop Kony 2012 ordeal. We never stopped him, did we?
  • Went up to NYC for a couple days with my mom. It was rainy, cold and a great time.
  • Visited Oklahoma for the first time since getting into OU (and you can see in the picture my first soda of the year.. we don't have Sonic in Virginia! I had to!)
  • I managed my high school's varsity boy's lacrosse team with my two best friends
  • Voted for the first time in the Republican primary!
  • Also coached a youth lacrosse team. Had the best time with those little girls!
  • Went to prom with my best friend...
  • then went to my prom!
  • GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL.. that was so weird. It's still weird to think about.
  • Went to and survived beach week. If you don't know what that is, just google it. It's wild.
  • Went down to Orlando, Florida with my family and brought along my best friend
  • turned 19!
  • Went to Camp Crimson, a camp-type orientation for college and met my roommate!
  • Made the drive to Oklahoma, 24 hours altogether. Split it in half by stopping in Nashville (pictured).
  • Officially made the state of Oklahoma my home
  • Did the college thing.
  • Went to football games! Growing up OU made everything that much better because I'd been anticipating it since I was little.
  • Drove down to Dallas, Texas to attend OU/Texas weekend where we obliterated Texas hahaha
  • Had a chance to see Giuliana Rancic speak when she came by OU for a Delta Gamma leadership lecture. I lovelove her and it was so cool to have her come to the middle of nowhere where I happened to go to school!
  • Made it onto TV when Notre Dame rolled through campus for a game by sleeping outside on the South Oval for ESPN's College Gameday.
  • Was Ariel for halloween
  • Did the right thing by helping reelect Barack Obama as President!
  • Finally got to go home after over 100 days of being in Oklahoma
  • Got back to school, more football
  • Experienced my first college finals week.. it was horrible
  • Left Oklahoma in my rearview mirror and I drove home.. for good!
  • Celebrated Christmas at home and have been relaxing ever since
  • My REDSKINS made it to playoffs for the first time this millennium!!! CRAZY!
2012 was a great year. Much better at the beginning than at the end, so let's hope 2013 is good all year-long!

Hope you all have a great New Year's Eve and day!

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