Monday, December 31, 2012


Hahaha well I expected to put music on here but I didn't really expect to be doing it so soon. Oh well. So, I'm newly obsessed with One Direction. I tried to keep it off since when I first heard about them but I finally caved! I'm actually in love with them. Even to the point of knowing who they're all dating and everything. My favorite is Zayn and he's currently dating a girl named Perrie who just happened to win UK X Factor with her band, Little Mix. Horrid name, right? Well of course I looked into them and they are actually all very talented girls and together form a solid group!

They have an album out titled 'DNA' and a few of my favorites off of that album are 'Wings', 'Always Be Together' and 'How Ya Doin'?'. Highly recommend going to listen through the album and maybe you'll become a fan, too! I'm slowly becoming obsessed with them, also. Shame on me for getting so hooked so easily. and curse living in America! I would love to see either of these groups live! However, I did hear that Little Mix signed to Columbia (home of Katy Perry and Beyonce) so that gives me a little bit of hope for the girls to cross the pond more often than not.


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