Friday, December 28, 2012


I'm no different than any other girl- I love preparing for my imaginary wedding. I have it down to the silliest details like name cards and cake flavors. One thing that I love to always look at on websites are bridesmaids dresses. Different brides dress their bridesmaids differently and it's so cool looking at everybody's individuality through their friends. I'm all for the whole not matching dresses thing because I feel like it helps your bridesmaids actually feel comfortable and have fun at your wedding! Just because you like a dress doesn't mean it's going to compliment your friends or fit them correctly. You could do the same dress in different colors, or what I like which is different dresses in either all the same color or in the same color family.

(from L to R: Moonlight Marvel Dress, Ruby Blooms Dress,
Time of My Life Dress, Vert-ing with the Idea Dress, Roadside Poppy Dress)
My absolute favorite pairing are jewel tones. I want to have an October wedding and jewel tones totally make you feel like it's Autumn. Different necklines help compliment each girl and different colors can fit each girl's personal skin tone perfectly.

(from L to R: Beaded Beauty Dress, Waxing Elegant Dress,
From Premiere to There Dress, Out On the Tinsel Town Dress, Wish Upon the Stardust Dress)
You can also go classic with little black dresses. Helps make each girl look great without taking any spark from the bride.

(from L to R: Frock Solid Dress, Wave to the Crowd Dress,
When the Night Comes Dress, Closing Day Dress, Girl is on Sapphire Dress)
Blues are a great color scheme for a winter or early spring wedding day!

(from L to R: Fall in Love With Me Dress, Whatever Ruby, Will Be Dress,
Fun in the Crimson Dress, Will Ruby Mine Forever? Dress, The Local Muse Dress)
Reds would also look amazing for a winter wedding.

(from L to R: Step Into the Bright Dress, Yellow Brick Goldenrod DressFortune and Frame Dress,
Glow Dancing Dress, Tangerine Martini Dress, Brighten Up the Boardwalk Dress)
For the summer or fall even, warm tones work wonderfully! These dresses aren't all the same colors; there are both yellow and orange, but they work and blend well with each other.

All dresses shown in this post are from the wonderful!

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