Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Today I went into DC to shop around in Georgetown with my friend Sean. Took a few photos throughout the day!
Didn't buy much other than photo branding stuff (I've been working on compiling things so when people hire me to take photos for them, they will receive a whole shebang of goodies! I even have a color scheme!) and a few things for my future apartment.. which I'm obviously stoked about having because I cannot wait to decorate it! Also posted some pictures of what I wore.

Sprinkles is my faaaaaave

Pumpkin is my favorite while my MAIN favorite s'mores, is out of season. Dark chocolate on the right!

Sweater is from H&M! $35 on sale for $15, couldn't pass it up!

Obsessed with this necklace that I found at Forever 21 a few weeks ago.

Some of my favorite rings, my knuckle ring is really a pinkie ring but I obviously like it on my finger better!

Beautiful Rosslyn!

Sean and I!

Hope you all had fantastic days!

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