Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I eat salad. A lot. Being a vegetarian, it's my main food group practically. I always have either spinach or romaine for my greeny base with carrots and cheese and then usually one other thing to add in. I don't like dressing nor is it particually good for you so I always have to work hard to make sure my salads have enough flavor to them. A lot of the time I'll throw in a few of my absolute FAVORITE faux chicken strips by Gardein (they're called crispy tenders, if you're looking for them) but lately no stores have happened to have them so I've been having to substitute. Today, that substitution was shelled edamame. Mine are from Trader Joe's and you usually just pop them into some boiling water for a little while and then voilá! I decided to chill mine under some icy water before adding it to the rest because I didn't want melty cheese. That'd be weird.

Here's the finished product!

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