Monday, January 7, 2013


Sorry. This post would have been posted way, way earlier if it weren't for this video. As you know if you have read past posts of mine, I'm infatuated with One Direction. Not in a weird way, although it is weird. I am aware of how weird it is but I just cannot help it. I am aware that they are my age, too. It almost fuels the fire.. When you're younger than them, you just kind of look up to them but when you're the same age as these musicians, it's torture because you know you have somewhat of a chance with them. Okay. I'm finished. I swear.

They came out with a new music video for one of my favorite songs on their newest album called 'Kiss You'. I'm just going to post it and let you all fall in love with them. It's superb. Join in my obsession with me.

You're welcome.

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