Monday, January 28, 2013


So far, all but one of my Music Mondays have been British artists. Whoops. You can find my iTunes constantly connected to the UK store and my 'across the pond' playlist on repeat so.. there's really no hiding that I love England and all of her music.

This week's spotlight shines on Olly Murs. He was a runner-up on Britain's X Factor and has been slowly filtering into American radios over the past few months. His single 'Troublemaker' is making it's way up our charts and just broke into the Top 40 last week! He came out with a new single, 'Army of Two' which the main video is not available in America. No worries! There are still lyric videos out!

Here's Olly's newest UK single, 'Army of Two'. Take a stab at his album 'Right Place Right Time' (and please, do yourself a favor and get the deluxe version) and fall in love! Hope you enjoy.

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