Friday, January 18, 2013


Somebody requested on my tumblr that I post photos of what I do with my mascara on a day-to-day basis so here you go, anon! I've been perfecting my mascara routine for years since that was the first makeup that I ever really wore and actually, I believe I've been layering my mascara since I started wearing it. I can never EVER wear just a single mascara. There are so many different kinds that do so many different things, you can make the best combinations ever!

I've switched up my brands throughout the years but Maybelline has always been my go-to brand. I could never wear a non-Maybelline mascara! I would never need to, either because they're just sooo perfect.

Before I jump into pictures can I just put a huge DISCLAIMER! that I apologize in advance for my horribly uneven skin, gross eyebrows and unpainted and unmanicured fingers. Please try and just focus on my eyelashes!

Here's my routine:

I curl my lashes once but the weird thing that I do is put the curler in my mouth and breathe on it for a second to warm it up and it curls your lashes noticeably better and they last so much longer!

My first coat is with Maybelline's Mega Plush mascara in black(all of my mascaras are in black just for future reference...). This is my FAVORITE!!!! mascara oh my goodness it's just amazing. Makes each lash fan out flawlessly. I just coat my top lashes with this.

Next is Maybelline's Colossal Cat Eyes which I put on my upper and lower lashes. I love using curved brushes for my bottom lashes just because it fits my eye shape so much easier and it makes the process much faster.

Lastly, I go in with Maybelline's Colossal mascara on my upper and sometimes lower if they're looking like they need some more love.
The finished look!

Although my brands have always changed, still the main idea for me is to separate, curl and then thicken in that exact order! The second two kinds will probably change but I feel like I will be using Mega Plush for a long, long time.

Hope you liked this! Who else layers their mascaras.. I surely can't be the only one! I know I'm not! Add a comment with the different kinds that y'all use!


  1. i find it so funny that someone requested this when we were talking about this last night :)

    1. I know!! I was thinking about that right after I read it.