Tuesday, January 22, 2013


When I bought this polish, I wasn't even buying it because I was exchanging for one of the new OPI liquid sand polishes from the Mariah Carey collection. I really, really wanted to like them but i simply couldn't. I didn't even want to post about it. So I went to exchange for a different color and had the absolute hardest time finding a color because I feel like I honestly own every single OPI color ever made.

I settled for this beaut, 'Cajun Shrimp' even though I was certain I had a dupe for it at home. Turns out I had a SIMILAR color, but in no ways a dupe. A very similar color would be OPI 'I Eat Maine-ly Lobster' which is a lighter, pinkier shade. This color is a coral-y red that leans more red with a definite warm feeling. It's a cream and goes on flawlessly in one coat, although I wore two in the photos just for safe measure. No streaking or visible nail lines after only one coat! Not every polish can boast that so it's definitely a plus.

In the second picture in this post you can see them side-by-side on my nails. Although I was going for a more springy color, 'Cajun Shrimp' is a beautiful color for the summertime and I can't wait to be bronzer because it will stand out even more and look awesome!

You can see how Lobster leans way more coral-y than Shrimp.

In direct sunlight you can notice that Lobster has very, very small glitters in it. I wouldn't even say glitter, it has shimmer. The tiniest possible amount and it's the same color as the polish so you can barely even see it.

Do you own any dupes for these colors? I'd love to try more side-by-sides!

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