Tuesday, February 12, 2013


WOW. WO WO WO WO WO WWOWOWO WOW. The Grammy's on Sunday were exceptional! I usually make it though an hour or so of awards shows and then get bored out of my mind but for some reason that I cannot pinpoint, the Grammy's this year were out of this world. I loved every presenter, every performance, every collaboration, everything! With the exception of Taylor Swift but I'm just not even going to go there.. The fashion was pretty on point, too! Nothing out of this world but I definitely had my favorites. Without further adieu, here they are. My top five best-dressed ladies!

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From L to R: Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Rowland, Carly Rae Jepsen and Natasha Bedingfield
Rihanna's entire persona last night was dubbed my honorary best dressed person simply because she knocked out her red carpet wear and both performance outfits! I loved this red Azzedine Alaia gown because of the flowy train and adorable back! I can't find any photos of the back right now but if you wander around Google for long enough, I guarantee you'll find it. and I recommend that you do! A++++ for you, miss Fenty.

Another woman who was a total hit out of the park was Miss Carrie Underwood, or really Mrs. Carrie Fisher. She would have tied or beat Rihanna in my book but she didn't perform so she didn't have those extra chances to shine! However, her dress was outstanding! ((EDIT: She totally did perform and rocked that awesome graphic-LED-light up dress! With that, I have to make the top two a tie!)) There was an intricate bodice that led to this beautiful, watery, flowy bottom that just floated her around as she walked. Her perfect necklace added to her look and really was one of my favorite pieces of the night (I heard she was wearing $31 million in jewelry!!!)

Kelly Rowland's dress was my favorite of the edgier group and I especially loved the mermaid fit. It was so fitted and showing all on the body so the bottom being loose and again, my favorite word, flowy really made my fall in love with a cherry on top. Neckline was fantastic as well as her hair choice with that neckline. Whole thing looked great.

The actual mermaid of the night was Carly Rae Jepsen who, if you didn't see it on TV, you can't really get a feel for her look. She said that it made her feel like Ariel when she put it on and she really did! Her blue sparkly eye makeup matched with the shimmer and glitz of her gown in the light really made her look like a mermaid in the absolute best way possible! However, Carly, please get rid of the bangs. Please!

My fifth choice was somebody that I didn't personally see on the Red Carpet (although I was a little late to the show) and that was Natasha Bedingfield. I only saw this look Sunday evening as I was compiling all of my favorite looks and I loved that she went outside of the black/white/gray range which seemed to be all the rage and choose a red look like my #1! Her hair and makeup looked fab and my favorite part of the ensemble is that silver belt cuff! Amazing!

Who were some of y'alls favorites of Sunday night?


  1. very close to having the same best dressed! carrie underwood did perform remember!! she had the crazy cool LED dress, it was cute but nothing to beat rihanna!

    1. OHHHHHH yeah!!! you are too right! man, that was cool. now i guess they're tied!