Sunday, February 3, 2013


I can barely even contain my excitement for this polish post... you know why? THIS color is my all-time favorite nail polish color. It was released with the Shrek collection in 2010 and since then has been the most coveted color in that collection. It's selling on Amazon for $50! Fifty dollars! I haven't even worn it in over a year because I didn't want to use up the little amount that I already had... check the picture below to see that but then I made a post on my tumblr about it and I think one amazing gal is going to send me hers! I COULD CRY! I am so in love with this polish and I'm not even sure why..

It could be because it's just the perfect creme polish. Ever. It has no shimmer, it's just a true creme. The blue is light but not pastel and definitely not chalky. Although it is a bit streaky in the first coat or two, top coat fixes everything. I had three coats in these pictures just to be safe! The polish job on this one isn't the best because the polish has gotten really thick and it was a hassle trying to get it out of the bottle since there's so little! I just know that every time I wear this nail polish, I get instantly happy and feel so good.

If you have this on hand, try it out again! You never know if you can fall in love with an older purchase. If you don't have it and want it, best of luck to you! I know that it's been on eBay for the past few months for around $30!

in direct sunlight
What's your favorite nail polish color?! Tell me in the comments below!

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