Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I am a LIAR! A big fat liar. I said I wasn't going to be posting daily after yesterday but I CAN'T HELP IT! I like this blog far too much. and, well, I posted a YouTube video yesterday so I feel obligated to make a post about it.

I love Ariana Grande. I think she's fantastic. She's one of the few people I'm subscribed to on YouTube! I finally got around to buying her 'Put Your Hearts Up' music video on iTunes because it's so cute and fun and I've been wanting it for awhile! I'd been wanting some new video ideas when it came to me that I really loved her look in this video and decided to try it out in a video!

Now, I'm still toying around with video-taking or whatever and I have learned that I definitely do not like the way that I did this video but don't fret! I will find my niche soon and then no more fourteen minute long, rushed videos.

Hope you like it! Here's the look:

aaaand the video:

HAH! Like the thumbnail? I thought it was clever hehe

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