Sunday, March 17, 2013


In honor of today's holiday, I am going to show off my collection of green polishes! Now, greens aren't usually my go-to color family but they are pretty close to blue which are! I have a lot of teals which obviously lead to these colors, although I didn't include those. Maybe I can just eventually post my entire polish collection- by color. That would be crazy!

Oh, and.. HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! If you could not already tell (pale, red hair, green eyes, freckles), I am mainly comprised of Irish genes so this is a day for my people!

From L to R: OPI 'Gargantuan Green Grape', Essie 'Going Incognito', Sally Hansen 'Emerald City', OPI 'Call My Cell-ery', Essie 'Mojito Madness' and Sally Hansen 'Spring Green'
OPI 'Gargantuan Green Grape'- I've had this one for awhile and really didn't use it a whole lot until last year. For some reason when I initially had purchased it, I was under the assumption that it was super sheer and didn't come out right. Oddly enough, I tried again last year and found out it wasn't that sheer at all! It's actually the coolest color that I own, I think because it's a solid pastel color but it's NEON! It's super hard to describe but just imagine the color being pastel and sweet but also being super bright and vibrant. Love this one.

Essie 'Going Incognito'- This is one of my favorite fall polishes and totally is reminiscent of the Crayola crayon 'Tropical Rainforest'. It's a deep, bluey toned green that looks lovely on all different skin colors!

Sally Hansen 'Emerald City'- Call me high matinence but I actually haven't worn this color in foooorever.. I don't purchase any other polishes other than OPI or Essie. I've just fallen in love with my high-end brands and can't go back! This polish is just fine, though and if I had to choose a favorite drugstore line I would definitely choose the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line. This guy is just a dark, pearly green color.

OPI 'Call My Cell-ery'- I've had this bottle for what seems like my whole life.. not really. But still. I got it from my nail salon a long time ago when I wanted to have the color on my nails and the technician didn't like how sheer it was and just gave it to me! I've almost never used it exactly for that reason. It's a sparkly, not glittery, sheer green color in a greenish base. The only reason I would ever use this is to put it over another green polish!

Essie 'Mojito Madness'- UGH! The best. My favorite green polish. It's just a perfect medium shade and looks great on my paleness. I can't wait to wear this all Spring!

Sally Hansen 'Spring Green'- Almost never wear this because this line just.. didn't do it for me. The polishes are far too thick and peel off in one piece and I've just never had a good experience. I feel like the quality of the polish goes the second you buy it, too. Super thick and goopy. However, the color is pretty nice and reminds me of a greenhouse or a topiary.

What's your favorite green polish?

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