Thursday, March 28, 2013


At last! I have found a concealer that I love again! I finally got around to picking up the L'Oreal Super Blendable Concealer Crayon in Fair/Light Neutral after not being the most impressed with the Revlon Photo Ready concealer. I'm wishing I had purchased this one first because it's absolutely lovely! It's about $8 at drugstores and Ulta which is a great deal for the amount that you get. The stick twists up from the bottom(no sharpening! woo!) and even though it's shaped like a crayon to resemble the name, I believe that the product will only get better once that crayon-y top has been worn down a bit.

It really goes by it's name. It's the most blendable thing I have ever put onto my face and it's actually fairly full-coverage. Now, don't go expecting miracles to arrive on your face but it does conceal pretty darn well. The lightest shade is a bit too dark for me(as usual) but I'm sure by the time Summer comes and I'm fake tanning, it'll blend perfectly. Maybe I'll even be able to have it be lighter so it can be highlighting!

I apply it in the usual V shape down my face:

and blend it out towards my temples. It's just buttery and so smooth and doesn't have the tendency to settle into lines. Although it doesn't cover up blemishes perfectly, I do love how it glides over them. I've never really had a concealer that made them completely disappear, so I don't expect much. All I ask is that you don't get dry, patchy and gross and make the spot make worse than it is originally. I have to say, this product is definitely a great one for that use. I love when a product works well in all ways it's intended to! So undereyes? Good. Blemishes? Just as good. I give high praise for this one, y'all.

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