Thursday, April 25, 2013


I swear I'm not that fancy. I only own like three Chanel nail polishes that are all a couple/few years old. Really. I don't even like them! The one I have in this post today is 'Black Pearl'. It's a cool-toned, slightly green metallic silver. As with all Chanel polishes (in my opinion), it's pretty rubbish quality. I also cannot stand the long, flimsy brush that you have to apply the polish with. For the color specifically, as with all metallics it's streaky but that doesn't bother me too much! I think it's a pretty cool color minus the metallic nature but I just dislike the formulation and application so much that I can't bear to ever really try and wear it too often.

direct light
Do any of y'all own any Chanel polishes? Which colors? I used to always want 'Peridot' but have since talked myself out of it since I have problems with the formulas.


  1. It's pretty!

    I like the allure Chanel polishes, but I've never let myself actually purchase one. I'm happy with the dupes that always end up being made of all the popular shades!

    1. Exactly! There are only so many colors in the universe I mean some cheaper company has to have made them ya know


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