Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It's abouuuuuut dang time I post about these babies! Let me introduce you all to my favorite makeup product ever. These are the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. They're the drugstore alternative to the Clinique Chubby Sticks or the Tarte LipSurgences and a better version of the original Revlon Just Bitten lip stains. What they are essentially is a balm that's jam-packed with color that leaves a great stain on the lips hours after the balm has disappeared.

What I love mainly about these is that they are actually true to their colors. Usually with typical stains, you can't achieve a color that is any shade lighter than dark. You can't hit those medium tones and definitely not any light colors. It's just not how staining works! But with these, you actually can achieve any color that is available. It's so cool. They twist up and yield a super long owning period because of how much product is offered (the entire barrel's worth). They also have a minty scent that does not bother my lips as it is only a hint of mint (hah.) and not full-blown Burt's Bee's level. Also, I want to add that they are CRAZY buildable. So you can definitely choose the intensity of your look. Below I will chat about my favorite colors in this line.

(From L to R: Charm, Honey, Rendezvous, Sweetheart,Smitten, Crush and Romantic)


Charm is one of two nude colors in the line and the reason I bought this one is because this was the cooler toned one of the two, making it better for my skin. I often find that it's not the most flattering on me (that doesn't keep me from continuously trying it out though!) but it lasts for quite a long time (not as long as the darker colors) and leaves more of a nude, creamsicle shade. Sounds unflattering, but it's really not that bad.

Honey is my natural color of the bunch simply because it's the closest to my natural lip color. It's a bit darker than my lips but as usual, if you have more pigmented lips than I do (like practically everybody does), then this should be a great natural shade for you. Imagine a natural, darker pink with a splash of grapiness to it. That's Honey!

Rendezvous is my coral although, it's more of an orange than a coral on me. Definitely an orange that just leans really far into the pink category! The payoff of this one is pretty nice because it's not too opaque, or as I should say it's quite sheer but not to the point of not showing up. It has great color to it while not coming off as a lipstick.

Next is Romantic which is one of the reds available. Romantic is the lighter of the two being a really buildable cherry color. Again as I just said and as with all of the darker shades, super buildable. You can have it be as light or dark as you want, going about as dark as the tube shows.

Sweetheart is a color that I had actually forgotten about simply because it just fell through the cracks. It's your typical bright pink shade that I really, really love layering with my 'Lollipop' Lip Butter, also by Revlon. This is one of the better-staining shades of the group.

Smitten and Crush are two colors that ALWAYS confuse me because their tube colors are similar but let me tell ya, they're very different. Smitten is more of a brigher berry pink while Crush is your dark berry. I wear Crush whenever I really want to stand out and have a statement lip, typically during Autumn. It would be too harsh for any other time of the year.

Love these things beyond words. Favorite makeup product, hands down. I have not tried the dupes but hey, who needs to?! These are about $8 or $9 at your local drugstores so they really can't be beat.

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