Friday, May 3, 2013


Wow. WOw. WOW! So disappointed. I was wandering around my local CVS yesterday and found L'Oreal's Summer line they have released. The stars were four brand new colors in their Infallible line and I am a huge fan of the idea of those shadows, just never any of the colors. I swatched them and had fallen in love with this color, Strawberry Blonde. It had this cool duo-chrome factor to it while being a very pale pink. All was good until I went home and tried it on my lids.... No. Let's show some pictures first.......

You can see the mess that is this shadow above. That was the BEST application I could come up with. I tried numerous kinds of brushes and tried it both wet and dry. Impossible to work with. I tried cream bases, liquid bases, everything. I took a fluffy brush and brushed all of the product off my lid after I took these pictures and was able to start all over with a whole new look. It was just loose with no pigmentation and ugh just so disappointing. The other shadows that I own from the main line of this product are pretty good and definitely miles better than this shade. I may or may not try the other colors in the new line. Who knows? This was just so bad. I'm going to wait and see some other bloggers post about it and see if they come up with any new ways of applying the product. Until then, I'm promptly returning this one to CVS.

So sad.


  1. Amarixe on YouTube has used these eyeshadows a lot in her tutorials and has reviewed them countless times. I'm pretty sure she loves them so it may just be that color! I would read her reviews and try again!

  2. Oops! You're kinda the second person to point something similar to that out. I have a couple of the other ones and they're pretty good it was DEFINITELY this color specifically! I'll edit and specify in a second :)

  3. Have you tried applying it wet? I had my eye on this one after seeing it on a few blogs but now I'm kinda worried I won't like it! I was thinking of using it as an inner corner highlight too on top of my nyx milk.

    1. Yeah I mentioned that I tried every application possible, even wet! This color specifically was just horrid. I am confident it wouldn't work in the way you hope it willl. In the picture I have it over 'milk'.


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