Monday, May 27, 2013


This is a continuation(and last) of my mini-series-within-a-series

This choice is way less emotional than a lot of the other choices in this series mainly because Cartel is a special band to me. As I have mentioned in a past post, they aren't a band that I was really ever a huge fan of. I only became a fan of theirs in high school and really, after this album. I love that no matter what you listen to by them, you'll get the same sound. Most bands like to change and evolve their sound, but Cartel hasn't. and it's unique because it isn't necessarily bad. If you like them, then you'll always like them.

Their most solid piece of work to me personally, is this album, 'Cycles'. It came out in 2009 and just introduced me to them as a group. All of the songs are strong and they just tell a story of me being a freshman and sophomore in high school and learning everything about life and myself.

My top favorites are 'Deep South', 'Typical', 'Retrograde' and without a doubt, 'Lets Go'. They just are all so special to me for some reason and I can't get tired of them. It just won't happen!

Highly suggest this. So good! All of their work is good, actually. But obviously, this is the one that I can listen to on repeat for years without getting tired of.

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