Sunday, May 12, 2013


Hey guys. I have a different kinda post for ya today. After seeing countless videos on YouTube about Warby Parker's Home Try-on thing, I wanted to give it a try. Warby Parker is a website that sells prescribed glasses and sunglasses for only $95 and in fashionable and trendy frame styles. Speaking as somebody who has had corrected vision since the age of nine or ten, I have had my fair share of glasses. I'm actually legally blind. Fun fact. I have 20/320 where 20/200 is the cutoff for legal.. blindness. So it's bad. I rely on my contacts and glasses.

I currently wear contacts for the majority of the day but the second I'm home, I pop on my glasses. I currently am wearing frames from Urban Outfitters that resemble Ray-Ban's classic Wayfarer style that I had my prescription put into. Let's just say.. that was a pricey choice.

I was excited to try this Home Try-on idea because you get to choose five frames from their inventory and they will send them to you free of charge for five days in which you just send them right back afterwards and don't even have to buy anything. I'm almost certain I've made my decision but I would love your input as well! Also, I'm not planning on buying new frames any time soon but now I have the choices in photos to choose from later whenever I am.

Your frames will come in this super sleek box in the mail.

My five choices!

First pair were the Sibley in Revolver Black. Wasn't crazy about the color nor the frame but I could envision myself wearing these. They resemble the ones that I wore all of middle school into the middle of high school. I was looking for more of a tortoise shade but it only came in a matte finish which I wasn't into. Hence the Revolver Black.

Eek. Yeah. These are the Preston. Their only redeeming quality was that they came in the color I wanted the MOST: Blue Marblewood. It was just a marbled brown color with this beautiful light teal ribboned throughout. Unfortunately, they were a bit too round and small for my face. I didn't like the nose piece, either(how it kind of makes that weird shape?)

Say hello to Nedwin. This is the pair that I believe I'm going to end up getting in the future. Again, I got them in Revolver Black where I would ultimately end up getting them in a dark Amber color to be less harsh against my skin and because the glasses that I have now that I continue to mention are black so I would need some change. REALLY wish these would come in that awesome Blue Marblewood! Ugh. I like that they're normal glasses with a softer, rounder bottom. Also a nice width for my face.

The Preston! These are in Blue Marblewood although you can barely tell. These guys are almost identical to the ones that I wear now except narrower and a bit smaller which actually doesn't look very nice on me. I always thought my current shades were a bit too big. Sad. If only the lenses were a bit larger, I would consider these since they come in the best shade ever.

Lastly are the Reece. Loved the color of these but wasn't a lover of how angular they were. Very square and rectangular things like this just don't flatter me, I don't think.

Overall, I really loved the idea of the website. I also appreciate the pricing because if you wear glasses like me you'll know that glasses from the eye doctor can be a complete rip-off! There are so many frames so I think that many of you will find some frames you enjoy and if you participate in the home try-on program, you actually have nothing to lose.

Maybe in the future I'll see if I can do another one of these try-ons to get an even broader feel for what they offer!

Let me know of your favorites in the comments! :)

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