Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Since I'm still fairly new to both the blogging and vlogging world, I figured I'd do this survey/tag thing for you all to get to know me a bit better! I have the questions typed out and also in a video which is up on my YouTube channel and is posted right below:

Anyway, here's me!

All my pictures are so serious all the time I had to add a silly one in....

1. How do you pronounce your username? bew-tee-muhn-sun
2. How old are you? 19
3. What Nationality are you? American
4. What grade are you in? rising sophomore in college
5. Do you have a job? yes! Victoria's Secret :)
6. What is your eye color? green
7. What is your natural hair color? what you're lookin' at in my pictures! it's a cool red/brown auburn shade
8. What type of skin do you have? combo
9. Do you have freckles? yes i do
10. Do you / Did you have braces? i was a braceface from the 4th-6th grades
11. Whats your favorite perfume to wear? Britney Spears 'Midnight Fantasy' is my signature scent followed by her original 'Fantasy'
12. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? about 40 minutes to get fully done up
13. Whats you favorite color? i have loved light gray for countless years
14. Heels or Flats? heels although I will wear flats more often
15. Gold or Silver? gold without a doubt
16. Do you have a boyfriend? nope!
17. Do you have siblings? yes an older sister, Kennedy and an older brother, Griffin. both are WAY older than me.
18. Do you have pets? two dogs! Parker and Scout
19. Have you ever been out of the Country? I've traveled to London twice as well as Paris once and I've been to Montreal a handful of times, also.
20. What is something that makes you nervous? new situations. I very much like having a routine lifestyle so a lot of change or lack of planning really stresses me out and ultimately makes me shut down.

I encourage all my followers with blogs of their own to post this tag as well! If you do or already have, link me up so I can learn a little about y'all!

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  1. Great video Ms. Bailey! Commented in your video! :)