Friday, June 28, 2013


Ooh la la! Getting around to reviewing a classic today! This eyeshadow has been in my collection for years and not only have I used it all. the. time. but it's barely even had a dent made into it! If you're looking for a matte white shadow to use in your inner corners or as a brow bone highlight, look no further than this one right here.

NYX is just the best. Can we sit and appreciate that brand for a second? They offer such stellar products at such affordable prices. My makeup collection would be pounds lighter without NYX in my life!! Okay. Onto the shadow.

When little Bailey was beginning to get into makeup and watching YouTube gurus, she learned about highlighting. Such a simple task that made such a difference! I was happy to have my Sephora sample eyeshadows from one of my birthday gifts as a tester but I knew that I needed to invest in a real, matte white shadow. Invest I did not! Instead, I skipped over to my local Ulta and got this shadow for only about $4 or $5. My inner corners have never been the same since.

I apply this shadow with a simple e.l.f. shadow brush in my inner corners and it helps elevate your look and looks really, super great when you've contoured your crease as well. Having a transition from light to dark really makes my eyes pop and people always notice whenever I'm wearing it.

Just a basic shadow that does wonders for me and I bet it will for you, too!

Anybody else own this? Is there another awesome white shadow that I should try out?

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