Sunday, June 30, 2013


Oh, Organix. I love you so. I'm super impressed with the brand even more that they reached out to me(and other bloggers who mention them) on Twitter thanking me for reviewing their Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil. Like, you're totally welcome! Thanks for making such bomb products! Onto today's post...

I have another shower essential to share. Unlike the aforementioned oil, this is actually used in the shower! Every other time I wash my hair, I will apply this cream to the ends of my hair and let it sit there for as long as possible. I like to usually apply it in the showers that I shave in so it can have like twenty minutes to sit. Is that a long time? Shaving is such a chore for me.. maybe I just take longer than the average person and I make it a chore on my own...

Anyway, fast-forward to your hair dry post-shower and you can totally tell that you used something. Unlike a usual conditioner that makes your hair softer, this leaves it almost silky. You can just tell there's something different and that your hair is happier!

The only issue I have is the packaging. I don't like having to open a container like this one while there is water falling all in it, scooping out the product and then having to close it without the product slipping out of my hands! First world issue, I know. But still.

Organix keeps getting more and more popular in my bathroom! Stay updated in the coming week or so for one more post about this brand.


  1. What's your hair type? I want to try this out but I might get different results.

    1. I have pretty thick but coarse hair that's dry and damaged on the bottoms!