Monday, June 24, 2013


Can I just.. Can WE just take a moment? For these beauties of mine?
Okay as I was making my usual trip out from work I decided to actually stop and look at the sandals that Lord and Taylor was selling. Every day I glance over but tell myself in my head, "no. don't do it. no. stop." and for months now I have been successful! Saturday that changed.

I saw some Steve Madden ankle wrap sandals to begin with and asked the sales associate to find my size where he quickly returned to no avail. I then saw these babies! These are the Nickiee sandals.

by theeeee way.. color on my toes? OPI's 'My Boyfriend Scales Walls'
I instantly fell in love with them as they are almost exact knocks to the Jeffrey Campbell 'Puffer's that I have been fawning over lately. and the best part? They had my size! I was sold when I went to put them on and there wasn't a buckle. You can actually slide them on. If you try and tell me that slide-on shoes are just for kids then you need to go slide down a playground slide or something because it's totally awesome to just slide your shoes on when you go to leave the house! No more messing with stupid buckles.

They are also super comfortable. Oh, and super cheap. They were 30% off because L&T is having a sandal sale currently! Somehow I got an additional amount off as well so my shoes only came out to $36!!!! Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

So if you'd like to buy these for yourself, go check them out on the Lord and Taylor website!


  1. Woah! I suddenly fell in love with your sandal Ms. Bailey! :)

  2. I love these so much! I have a really similar pair from Payless actually (they're called the Brash Royalty Studded Flat Sling). But amazingly you got your Steve Madden ones cheaper than mine from Pay-LESS cost me haha. Such a good deal though!

    1. Did I really?! Dang!! I knew I was happy but now I'm extra happy hehehe


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