Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Hellooooo everyone! Today I'm coming at you with some eBay listings that I put up just a second ago with a bunch of shoes, a purse and a Polaroid camera! I'm desperately trying to save up for a Canon 6d camera and I'm so, so close but as I'm about to leave again for school, my paychecks will stop coming. So I've got to do whatever I can do!

I'm going to just post the photo of the items with short titles and if you're interested in checking out more details or photos of anything, just click on the photo(s)! Yay let's do it..

first up.. my Dr. Martens. Pretty self-explanatory
Silver glitter TOMS 
Natural Crochet TOMS
Navy Hunter Boots
Polaroid 600 Camera
Jessica Simpson 'Cheetah' pumps.. cheetah is just the style name
Steve Madden cut-out heels.. couldn't find the style name!
Ralph Lauren wedges
Jessica Simpson 'Josephine' Pumps

yup.. a stock photo.. Juicy Couture Fluffy handbag.. more photos on the listing.

The shoes are all size 8-9! Hope some of you like the items :) Have a great evening!

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