Monday, August 26, 2013


Finally! A hair cut! It's been well over a year and a half since my last snip and I was finally happy with the length I was at. Now that I'm at school and ready to start anew, I figured no better time to get it cut with an actual style than now.

Not many of you know me personally so let me fill you in a bit with my hair story.. in short, I have never come away from a haircut happy. It sounds drastic but I'm being serious. Since the seventh grade when I started getting haircuts how I wanted them I have been continually getting disappointed. Most visits end with me sitting in the car afterwards crying or me rushing home to fit it myself with some super-professional safety scissors(ok they're always real scissors but nonetheless nothing made for hair!)

My hair is very thick and there's a lot of it so it seems like hairdressers don't know how to handle it? It's very confusing because you'd think they could handle all kinds of hair. I have gone to countless hairstylists and given them two rounds each to maybe allow them to understand my hair initially so they can do a better job the second time. I've paid $120 for a cut and I've paid $20 for one. No matter where I go, who I see it just never works out. I'm tired of hearing friends and family rave that their stylist is "the absolute best!!" and that I "haaaave to try them". Because I have. and I hated them.

Fast-forward to me moving down to the city I'm officially moved into now(post on that in a day or two!) and you'll find me at the salon that my sister's hairdresser works at currently. This girl has been cutting my sister's hair for over ten years and my sis used to drive two hours just to get her hair cut by her. Best part is that we both have similar hair and want similar styles! She got her hair cut the same day as I did and I wanted her to go first so I can assess the final product and say "I want exactly what you gave her".

Now to my favorite part.. I kind of had a blank canvas prior to my cut so these pictures should look cool to you guys! Here's some befores:

and after!

and I LOVE how it turned out!! Many more smooth, blended layers that aren't extreme when you look from the front but you can notice them from the back. My hair is like a thousand times thinner and it feels wonderful.

If you are ever in the Richmond, Virginia area and are looking for a great cut, check out Sarah Bell at Avenue 42 Salon! They're a super chic and girly salon full of extremely talented hairstylists and makeup artists. Totally worth the drive if you must do it. I don't blame my sister!


  1. Looks so refreshing, especially since you just started the new school year. I love the layerings! I have thick hair too and being Asian, I visit a few Asian salons and it's like they never dealt with thick hair before either >.> and I come out feeling.. eh about the entire experience. I like my hair to be a little bit thinner and lighter but it'll be too much of a hassle to make monthly salon trips to get it thinned out :( #thickhairproblems

    1. Yes definitely a great idea to have new hair for a new year. Trust me.... I FEEL you. Nobody knows how to properly layer thick hair these days! Sheesh.

      Try out a bunch of different places and don't limit yourself to only Asian salons! Hopefully one day you'll be able to find somebody as great as Sarah Bell.