Friday, August 16, 2013


Liquid sand has returned!~

After a fatal initial try with OPI's newest texturized nail polish, Liquid Sand, I was sworn away for good. or so I thought. The first one that I got was from the Mariah Carey collection and that was the first line of liquid sands that OPI had done. I guess they have learned since then because this polish is the exact opposite of that first one! This shade is called Jinx and is from the all-liquid-sand James Bond collection. It's a warm red jelly base with golden flecks in it. I'm a sucker for anything with golden glitter in it and I tried my absolute hardest to walk away from this polish but it was just too beautiful to pass up.

The above photo is two coats of the polish on top of one coat of OPI's Nail Envy with no top coat. I never expected a top coat would look nice with this polish...

This image courtesy of Scrangie!

So the bottom line is that this polish is absolutely breathtaking both with and without a top coat. It looks like it's truly made for the liquid sand finish! As with my first bottle, I do have issues with it chipping but what's cool about it is that although a little piece might chip off the top of your nail, you can barely tell. It's almost as if the texture chips but the color stays a little bit.

In the sunlight is when Jinx truly stands out and to capture the beauty of it, I recorded some of the glitz and glitter for you all! Here it is:

The second bottom line is that I'm really just in adoration. This is a great polish and I'm glad that the formulation of the Liquid Sand texture is much better than my first one! This gives me hope to try more in the future.

Do you all have a favorite Liquid Sand polish that you think I should try next?


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    1. Me too! So much. It was really such a lovely surprise to like it as much as I do.


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