Monday, September 16, 2013


Hey guys! I'm back today with another Music Monday post for you all. I have been making playlists on the website 8tracks for the past few months as sort of.. soundtracks to my life. July, August and September have all been made into playlists full of all my favorite songs from those months. I also have a few more that I'll share as well.

They've been pretty big hits with my friends and on 8tracks itself so I figured I'd share with y'all!

If you guys don't know what 8tracks is, let me let you in on it a little. It's a music sharing website(think: Pandora, Spotify) that users can upload their own playlists of songs for others to listen to. It's a bit difficult using the site simply being a listener and not a playlist creator because although you CAN search for specific songs, you can't search for specific artist(because of legal stuff..) so there's just a bunch of jumbled playlists and such.

The reason that I included my monthly playlists is because I wanted to share all of the new music that I've been listening to! This way is a little easier than just throwing a random compilation of music at you guys and inviting you to listen. I encourage you to take part in 8tracks and create a profile and mixes of your own! I'd love to get links to them.

I invite you to go take a listen! You can click on my username from those widgets above and it'll take you to my profile where I have even more mixes. Happy listening!

What songs have you been jamming to this week? I know I'm totally in love with the new Ariana Grande CD so.. my roommate has probably had enough of me trying to sound like I can actually sing. The girl is great!

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