Friday, November 1, 2013


Ah, glitter polishes. Everybody's love/hate. My particular polish that leans more toward hate than love is OPI's 'Crown Me Already!' from their Miss America collection. It's a rockin' silver mix of fine glitters, small glitters and medium hexagonal glitters. What stinks is that after two coats of it on your nails it becomes a solid sheet of glitter and is extremely prone to chipping within hours.

With this post comes a new understanding of the application of this polish, though. I have conquered it! When layered over American Apparel's 'Mouse' polish(two coats overall not including top/base coats), it becomes an uber-cool and demure sparkle that actually.. yep.. LASTS! I've had it on for four days and not a single chip thus far. and to be quite honest, I prefer it with the taupe base over solid silver anyway! It adds more depth.

After five days of wear it began wearing away on the tips and I started chipping it away but that's still a good enough life for me! I'm glad I was able to resurrect one of my polishes in a way because I almost never use Crown Me Already! since it was so prone to quick chipping! Yay!

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