Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Today's post is the beginning to all of my posts that will be coming up for my Sephora Super Stars Kit! I was thrilled about this polish 1. because I love Deborah Lippman polishes but nearly never purchase them and 2. because it's my school colors!

Now, this is a polish like other popular Deborah Lippman's where it's a glitter but a really well executed glitter! There are medium and small gold hexagonal glitters in this that are suspended in a sheer black base that layer so incredibly well it's unreal. Layering them two to three times gives your nails an awesome 3D effect while layering one layer over top of a basic black polish gives you a classic glitter look. Either are awesome! I'm a bit biased though- I love all things gold.

image courtesy of Scrangie
These polishes are pricey at $18 a pop but I do have to vouch for them in quality, uniqueness and durability. They last longer than your typical glitter and are too unique to pass up. They are SO much fun! and I have owned a bottle of 'Happy Birthday' for almost four years now and it's still not thick or unusable.

Do you like the look of this polish? I couldn't capture it fully so I had to add in an extra photo!
I hope you do :)

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