Saturday, December 21, 2013


Clothes! Yay! I love getting new clothes! I have some things to show ya that I've bought recently. These items are all from either Forever 21 or American Apparel but let's start off with Forever 21 first, shall we? Accessories.

Socks. Weird or not? I personally love Forever 21's socks because a lot of the time they come in really cute patterns but lately I have noticed that as they shrink, their 'one size fits all' size does not fit my big size 9 feet. Then I saw these mid calf socks and wanted to try them! The pink area made for your heel still doesn't hit my heel and they feel a litttttle weird but they are just too cute to pass up. Perfect for inside of my Uggs when I'm running errands quickly! You can purchase these right here for $3.80.

This belt! I have needed another leather belt that goes with all of my jeans and I really loved the lacey cut-out design of this one. It's unfortunately not on the website to purchase any longer but in case it comes back, it was called 'perforated belt' and was $4.99. I got mine in the XS/S size.

and now the highlight! This is probably my favorite purchase in this entire group because I have been needing another blouse for going out. I don't like wearing little clothing but I need something that is obviously cuter than a t-shirt and this one totally fits that bill. I got it in a medium so it's a bit looser and longer than it probably should be which is just my style! This shirt was $15.80 and can be found here. This can easily be dressed up tucked into a skirt or dressed down with some jeans and boots. Man. I am so excited to wear this all the time!

and now for the steal of the day.. this dress was only $8.00. Yep. It's called the 'Opulent Skater Dress' and was one of the Style Deals on F21's website. I couldn't believe my eyes! I had been looking for a cute baroque pattern dress and I simply could not pass this up. It is a little tight on the arms(I got a size small) but I still find it flattering which means that I'll be keeping it and wearing it! It's no longer available but keep checking those style deals because geez, are they great.

After finding that awesome deal on the dress I decided to look further into the sale section of the website and came across this amazing sweater. I am a sucker for Kelly Green and having a graphic print only sold me even further. This sweater is called the Tri-Color High Neck Sweater and it's very, very warm. Best part? Only $16.99! I got it in a size large because I always like things to be bigger on me than they should and because sweater arms are never long enough for me! This one fits perfectly right now but I'm afraid that when I wash it the arms are going to be too short. Then I'll just have to roll the sleeves!

Now we're moving into American Apparel territory and let me preface these descriptions by saying that I tried verrryyyy hard to avoid the crop top trend. For some reason I felt like caving. I don't even have the proper bottoms to even wear with these shirts! (as you can probably tell) but oh well. Thought this one was cute. I didn't like the plain colors as much as I liked the stripes so I can guarantee that I won't be purchasing another one! But it does fit really well. I got a medium! You can find it online here.

One last one and I really do like this top(although I won't buy any of the other colors) because I'm a sucker for a high neckline. Once I find the right skirt I'm certain I won't be able to take the outfit off because I love how this one looks on me! This can be found here and I also got a medium in this style.

That's all I've got today! I don't buy clothes very often but when I do it's an exciting time :) If you have any styling suggestions for any of the things that I bought I would LOVE to hear them! I need all the help I can get! Please leave them in a comment below!

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