Thursday, July 3, 2014


Wow. Two months removed from blogging feels like an eternity. How are all of you? Are there any people actually reading this? I hope so. My life has flipped upside down and has turned around in the past couple of months and although I've been enjoying every second of it, I'm glad to be back on Blogger right now typing this post out. Let's just keep the retrospective talk short and simple, ok? Finals kicked my butt. School in general kicked my butt. I moved. Twice. In four days. Then I moved again a few weeks later. I have found myself in a relationship with a great guy. I have a new job. That's about all I've got… except not even.

I've had a lot of opportunities present themselves lately and I've tried to take all of them on head-on. That being said, I'm finally settled into a routine and can find some time to blog again! I am going to start off with some lipsticks that I bought back in May that I have photos of but never got a chance to put up. It'll be a slow process but I will get into the swing of it all eventually.

I may have a lot going on but I bet you all do as well. If you're reading this, please leave me a comment letting me know what I may have missed out on in the beauty world! I'm anxious to be on the tail of breaking beauty news again.

Until the next post (aka later today),
Thanks for reading this after my blogcation. Means a lot.

I will be back.

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