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Benefit is one of those brands that you just can't shake. From their cult classic mascaras to their adorable merchandising, Benefit knows what they're doing when it comes to getting us hooked on their products. Sure they've had some not-so-great additions (looking at you, Fake Up and Stay Flawless primer) but the products that are hits are so on the money that they've made Benefit one of my most used brands in my beauty routine. I've been noticing that recently when I'm looking for a quick look I mainly reach for Benefit products. Today I'm gonna share with you all some of those products that I can't go a day without.

the POREfessional - If you haven't tried this stuff, shame on you. Walk in Sephora or Ulta and just TRY it. I will always remember when I first did. I audibly gasped. the POREfessional takes big, blocked pores and hides it underneath it's peachy toned priming goodness. It's silicon-based but still a bit different than the likes of it's clear counterparts. It's silkier and softer than the usual silicon primer and allows your makeup to glide on and stay on throughout the entire day. Repurchasing forever. Best Benefit product out there.

Gimme Brow - Personally, this is my favorite Benefit product after the POREfessional. This stuff is so rad. Beyond just a (weak) brow gel, Gimme Brow has fibers within it that thicken and color your brows when you swipe it through allowing you the option to go without pencil or powder if you just need a tiny bit of definition. I cross my fingers for more shades in the future! (Currently this brown shade and a blonde shade are the only two options out there)

Big Easy Complexion Perfector - This was one item that I am so unbelieveably happy about that I get happy whenever I'm just putting it on. At $38 a pop, this BB cream is far from an everyday beauty pickup and to be completely honest, I don't know how or why I ever bit the bullet to spend that much on something. ESPECIALLY a BB cream! When I purchased this I never wore skin makeup like BB creams, tinted moisurizers or foundations. Thankfully when my skin went through a crazy breakout spasm this past summer, the Big Easy was around to help shield it all from the public. I've been left with redness and some scarring on my forehead but this covers it all up with one or two layers. I LOVE this stuff. Truly cannot live without and I will be repurchasing as long as Benefit sells it. The thing that really sold me in Ulta on this stuff is that it is light enough for me unlike every other Benefit skin product.

Dandelion boxed blush - Oops. This is a sample. I'm not sorry. I have this blush as well as a lil' sample gloss under the same name and they are AWESOME. The pale pink looks so pretty on my pale skin and it's the only blush that I have that you legitimately cannot overdo it no matter how much you put on. The matching gloss is just as flatting! I have been using this for forever and still have product left but rest assured when I run out I will be purchasing the big guy.

They're Real! Push-up Liner(*) - This guy is a commodity. I do have to say that I don't like using this solely for my liner needs. What's fabulous about this liner is the deep black color and the way the applicator gets the the roots of your eyelashes. Where my everyday liquid liner fails to tightline, this guy fills in. I've yet to get the hang of using this for my flick but maybe one day I'll master it and this can become a staple in my liner routine!

Benefit has obviously taken it's spot in my heart as one of my favorite beauty brands and I know I'm not alone! What are your favorite products from the brand? I'm always down to try new things that I may have overlooked in the past.

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  1. I've actually never bought anything from Benefit (I know, shame on me) but I just can't get past the prices! I've been dying to try their boxed blushes but they're $36 CAD which is a lot for a blush haha. Hopefully one day I get to try some of their stuff!

    Also, I just tagged you to do the Autumn Tag if you want to do it! :)

    - Lauren


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