Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I was given the opportunity to try on JoyKatharine Jewelry's golden knot ring this past week! It's an adorably dainty but detailed wire knotted ring that looks great paired with other rings and gold bracelets or on it's on! It stacks well but is quaint enough on it's on to be worn by itself which is what I found myself doing the most this week. My skinny little fingers fit a size 7 well but I could have probably gotten away with a 6. The wiring is sturdy but can be bent to fit your exact finger shape perfectly.

Thank you so much to JoyKatharine Jewelry! I love this ring so much!
Check out the rest of the goodies she has for sale and let me know if you purchase any!

P.S. I totally have my eye on this twisted pearl necklace. SWOON!

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