Monday, July 20, 2015


First off, I hope you all appreciate the new spelling of my Music Monday series. Seemed fitting. Welcome to Music MUNday!

The past few months have been full of me binge listening to a select few albums. There were a lot of singles that I liked throughout too but these four albums made up the majority of my listening time.

First up, Betty Who's album 'Take Me When You Go'-- the standout best and most awesome song off this album is 'All of You'. Seriously stop reading right now and go scroll down to my Spotify player and listen to it. You'll J-A-M. Next best is High Society and Dreaming of You. Plus, you've probably already heard the song 'Somebody Loves You'.


Smallpools' first full-length, Lovetap! I dug this band before but after seeing them live a few months ago in a tiny venue in downtown Richmond I fell in love. They have so much fun performing and within their lyrics. I have so many favorite tracks but if I had to list the they'd be... Dreaming (best), No Story Time, Mason Jar and Over & Over.

Kacey Musgraves is a country twangin' sweetheart with a modern approach to life. She's not afraid to let you know that she dabbles in some marijuana or that she prefers the country to California. She's a breath of fresh air that somebody like me who is straddling on the 'liking country' and 'not really digging it' line can appreciate and rock out to. My favorite tracks off of her album 'Pageant Material' are Dime Store Cowgirl, Late To The Party, Cup of Tea and her single, Biscuits. I typically don't like female country singers but this girl rules.

Last but CERTAINLY not least are my homegirls Fifth Harmony. I used to be in love with their internet fanbase rivals Little Mix but after they cancelled an entire US tour and sketchily began "writing a new album", I lost interest. Fifth Harmony holds it down. They're getting big and they will be real large very soon. Their album Reflection is the ultimate album for women. They aren't afraid to use their sex appeal despite their young ages and young fans and they aren't afraid to completely love themselves loudly. Absolute bomb songs are REFLECTION & GOING NOWHERE!!! My top two faves. Also love Suga Mama. These girls are goooood.

Take a listen!

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