Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I have been wanting to get into Jouer liquid lipsticks for so long. My fire has been fueled solely by Mariah Leonard. I finally bit the bullet and nabbed Payaye and their beautiful lip topper, Skinny Dip. What’s crazy about this purchase is that the same day I bought them off of Nordstrom’s website, I saw that they were releasing mini lipsticks in a Holiday Set that included Papaye and Skinny Dip! I decided I would try the two out and then most likely return them and purchase the holiday kit.

Well, I’ll be returning them. But I don’t think I’ll be purchasing the holiday kit.

For as long as I have been waiting for a great quality and long lasting pink/gold duochromed and metallic liquid lipstick, Papaye is unfortunately not for me. I am making myself return it because the gold metallic shines over any kind of pink within the lippie on my pale skin and it will probably only be worn a few times. I have to keep my spending habit under control and keep my senses so I will be giving it back to the Jouer gods :(

Skinny Dip is really really really pretty. I like it on it’s own. I liked it over other lipsticks. But again, I just didn’t LOVE it enough to hold onto it.

Here are some photos of the products— followed by swatches and on-lip photos:

As you can see, both just don't work with my skin tone. Papaye is too gold, not enough pink. Skinny Dip is not enough gold. Bummer.

Have any of you tried any more "normal" liquid lipsticks by Jouer? I'm still looking to try some out!
Let me know :)

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