Hey there! My name is Bailey- I'm a twenty-four year old government analyst from Arlington, Virginia who has a crazed addiction to makeup. But I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say that you must, too? Great! We're friends already. I've always been one for voicing my opinions, especially on every internet outlet that there ever has been. Starting a blog was a necessary step in order for me to collect my thoughts and meet people who share interests in the same things as I do!

I have other interests than just beauty and makeup, too. I am deeply into photography as more-than-just-a-hobby-but-not-really-but-kinda and I also am a HUGE sports fan. I'm pretty biased to my Washington DC roots as a Redskins, Capitals, Nationals and Wizards fan but I am also a huge Oklahoma City Thunder fan. I could go on for hours about sports! Two far apart main interests, huh?

I also love music and love going out to concerts. On this blog you'll find a pretty good mix of things other than beauty. I don't want to be too boring! I'll throw in some music, food, fashion, anything I'm feeling for that day. I've especially been into homegoods over the past few years and can see this blog transitioning to more of a home/beauty/lifestyle vibe over the coming years.

Hopefully you like my blog and please feel free to email me and introduce yourself or comment on a post! I respond to everybody :)

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