Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Yesterday I stopped by Ulta and picked up a few things. Of those few things, two were some Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipsticks! I got the colors 90 and 103, a muted natural pink and a neon flamingo color.

An update from my post yesterday is that the red tubes are from the line's matte collection and the black tubes are the original formula. Odd that I didn't notice that 103 wasn't matte at the start, but I'll have to go back and notice it.

Number 90 on the left, 103 on the right!

Read below the jump for some more details and photos!

 This is number 90! It's a lovely neon, warmer pink. Looks fantastic on paler skin! The color could also pass as a sort of bright red/pink. It's interesting, but great.

Here's 103!  I adore it because it's just a shy bit pinkier than my natural lip color so it's a lovely everyday shade!

I'll be sure to pick up more colors very, very soon! Keep looking!

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