Sunday, January 20, 2013


If I were to label myself, I'd definitely put 'beauty buff' on myself waayyy before 'fasionista'. I love and adore fashion and follow brands, style houses, trends, the whole shebang but I just don't love it as much as other people seem to do. That being said, I like to get a little dressier than usual sometimes! Yesterday was one of those days! I went shopping with my friend Brittany and documented my outfit.

Most of the things I'm wearing you can no longer find, but are easy enough where there have to be newer versions by other people now.

What I'm wearing:
Red striped sweater from J. Crew, trench vest from Forever 21, a random winter scarf that I've had forever, Under Armour leggings and my beloved Doc Martens.

There we are! Check out Brittany's blog here!
Have a great Sunday, everybody! and for you football fans out there, hope your team(s) win today! I know who I'm rooting for... :)


  1. i meant to tell you yesterday... i love your boots! i was thinking it but totally forgot to say it out loud!

    1. Thank yooouuuu! I've had them for ever but they were always too gothy for me to pull off (I thought) then I realized they're fashionable hahaha

  2. I love your boots! I want the taller ones :D Very cute outfit!
    You are now a new read dear! xx

    1. Thank you so much! I wish I could own so many more but they're just so pricey, ya know? and breaking them in is a pretty tedious event so I think I'll just stick to these. Thanks so much!!