Saturday, April 13, 2013


Hi guys! Today I have a polish that.. is an interesting one for me. It's called 'Action' by Essie and it came out last summer in a sort of neon collection. It's considered a 'vivid tangerine orange' which I think is pretty spot on. The odd parts come into factor in ways you never would really assume.

One, when I initially saw swatches of this polish I saw a completely different look than I had achieved and that you can see below. I have since learned that this is because those nail blogs all put a white base coat underneath! So let me just start off with the tip to add either OPI's 'Alpine Snow' or Essie's 'Blanc' underneath this polish. Secondly, it dries to a semi-matte finish. Very weird. As with all matte polishes, this one dries super fast which means you have to work super fast! Not necessarily a bad thing just something that you have to look out for. Another is that although this is a mattier (new word?) polish, it's still very see-through. With three coats you can still see visible nail line. Cool for me, however, once you add a top coat it gains this awesome jelly-like appearance and I always love me some jelly polishes!

Enough with my talking, here are some photos:

doesn't really pick up how fluorescent it really is!
two coats OPI 'Alpine Snow' w/ three coats of 'Action'.. seems like a lot but 'Action' is so sheer it's not bad! Again, MUCH more fluorescent in-person.

Once more with some 'Alpine Snow' base coats underneath
in direct sunlight
It's not a bad polish at all! It's just a more.. different experience. Again, be sure to put a white coat underneath! Unless you like the look I have in my photos in which case just use the orange itself because that's what I did to show you all.

Anybody else try this one? It seems to be a huge hit so maybe I'm just crazy! (or maybe that's because I never.. ever stray from my beloved OPI)

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