Monday, April 29, 2013


This is a continuation of my mini-series-within-a-series

When I was younger, The Maine was that band. They were the good looking guys that seemed to have a bad edge but still managed to be lovable. and that's what we all did. We all loved them. Cue the end of my concert phase and simultaneously cue the period where The Maine seemed to grow up. It was weird. They released this album and all of a sudden they just seemed more legitimate, better. A better band altogether. Of course, I listened. and I listened. and some more listening. I found myself loving it to absolutely no end. It came out back in 2010 and still to this day, I listen to it quite frequently.

Call me crazy but I just felt like it had this grown up feel to it that really worked out with me because I felt like I had been growing up during that time. Heck, there's a song on the album titled 'Growing Up'.

Anyway, this album was 'Black and White' again by The Maine. Top favorites include but are not limited to 'Saving Grace', 'Listen to Your Heart', 'Inside of You' and 'Growing Up'.

This CD reminds me of my summer going into junior year of high school. During the summers I sleep every other day(it's super weird) and pull all-nighters every other day. During those all-nighters, I watch Netflix all night until the sun rises and then I would go to McDonalds. This CD reminds me of those early morning drives to McDonalds. It's a fond memory. It's just weird to reminisce on because I didn't know that it was that long ago that it came out.. and that I still listen to it.

Overall, if you haven't listened to this album, please give it a shot. Don't be turned off by the artist because they really did grow up a whole lot on this.

(Couldn't find 'Saving Grace' on SoundCloud and I could only find a remix of 'Listen to Your Heart') :(

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