Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hello! Today I've got a collection for you. My NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil collection! I've been a big fan of these pencils for awhile and of course the beginning of it all was 'Milk'. I'd say it's a cult item in the beauty community. There is a huge range of colors so you will be satisfied no matter what you're looking for! If you're looking to wear these all over your lid, definitely put down a primer. I know some people use 'Milk' as a white base and that's probably the only color that you could get away with not using a primer. The rest are far too creamy and will crease in an instant! Don't let that tear you away, though. These guys are a GREAT buy and at only $4.49, they just can't be beat. You will get yeeeeears of use out of just one pencil alone.

Breakdown color-by-color..

Cottage Cheese- Great shimmery white color. I use this in my inner corners and on my brow bone whenever I'm not using 'Milk'! Little bit less dramatic. You could also use it on your cheek bones.

Rust- For years, I have wanted to be able to pull off a smokey, cranberry eye. I still have yet to do it (I've only tried once.. three days ago..) but I am certain that this pencil color is necessary for me to get there! Just need to find the perfect shadow.. maybe the matching NYX shadow?

Milk- Prettttttty self-explanatory.. everybody owns this I feel! Just a creamy white color that brightens up anything that it touches. I've owned this thing for years and man, it's just lovely. Pop it anywhere you need it, be it your inner corner, brow bone, waterline, anything!

Iced Mocha- This is my go-to eyeliner for my lower lash line! It's a super pretty dark, shimmery brown color. Leans a bit coffee instead of chocolate brown..

Sparkle Green- I'm gonna be honest.. I've never used this one. Ever. Don't know why I bought it! It's pretty to look at? Look at the swatch and that's the best I'm going to explain it. It's a dark blue-green with chunks of glitter in it! Not too irritating, though. You can almost barely tell they're there!

Pots & Pans- My go-to silver! Super shimmery, not too metallic but definitely shimmery. When blended out on the eyelid, it sheers out and just becomes a beautiful wash.

Cucumber- I used this on my lower lash line for Halloween this past year when I was Ariel and not only did it stand out like nothing I've ever used before but it kept it's vibrancy all night! ALL. NIGHT! Through my sweaty, up-until-six-AM college Halloween. Seriously impressed.

Yoghurt- I keep getting fooled by this one. I think it's a champagne color and although it kind of is, it's a bit more of a warmer champagne. As you can see in the swatch, it's a bit orangey and pinky. It's a beautiful shade, none less!

Rocky Mountain Green- Guilty to say that I've never worn this color, either. I do like it, however. I've just never found a reason for it. It's just a pretty medium green shade that has the slightest amount of shimmer to it.

Cobalt- This is the blue version of 'Sparkle Green'! Same kind of glitter in it. Just a dark blue, a little lighter than what I would call a true cobalt!


  1. I only have Milk (and use it every day), but I really want to get Yogurt and/or Iced Mocha next! I feel like those are colours I'd get the most use out of. I'd also love a bright blue one for the lower lashline in the summer! the first eyeliner I ever used was bright blue and I kind of miss it sometimes! Haha.

    1. I'd recommend Iced Mocha next! My next one will be Black Bean for sure.