Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Old polish, new post! 'Dating A Royal' is a medium-deep blue creme. After one coat it's very sheer and uneven, two coats clears everything up. It will always remind of the Dutchess of Cambridge.. or also known as our very own Princess Kate because of that blue engagement ring and dress that she wore in her and William's official portraits. So pretty. So royal!

This used to be a go-to color for me but has just seemed to find itself in the bottom of my collection for years. The main reason for that is most likely because after a few days, the blue seemed to turn purple.. sounds cooler than it actually is. I'm not sure if it's just something that happens to me but the middle sort of turns this purple/magenta color and although it's nothing major, it's annoying that the color doesn't stay true since the initial color is so beautiful!

Not sure if this is even available in stores any longer but as always, you can find it on various websites online as well as beauty supply retailers.

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