Sunday, June 16, 2013


Holy. Grail. Thats your sneak peek for this post!

First off, I know how little my bottle is. I'm not down to try a new product full-size if there is a travel sized available for cheaper. Hence, my tiny bottle. Don't you worry I WILL be purchasing the larger one once this is out.

I have been hearing about Fake Bake for awhile now so I finally decided to give it a shot. When you purchase the liquid, you'll also get a special mitt and some rubber gloves. The mitt is no ordinary tanning mitt. It feels like heavenly clouds gliding across your skin. I want to buy a hundred of the mitts on their own(why don't they have that option?). Pretty much what you do is spray the product on the mitt and rub it around in circular motions on your skin starting with the lowest part of your body i.e. your feet or legs. Give it about six hours to develop then you can rinse off your color!

One perk of this product is that the guide color is wearable. It gives a color where you can see where it's going but where you're still able to wear it outside immediately and not be obvious. The smell is also very pleasant. It may smell like a tanner to some but honestly, it's just a very nice smell for me that smells a bit tropical.

The only downside to this is that I feel like if you have darker skin than I do, I feel like this won't show up too much. I have very pale skin and I'm given a nice, subtle glow after this. It's not too obvious but it's deep enough to look like you spent some hours outside.

HUGE thumbs up! I am so in love with everything in this product. It's such a perfect match for me but that doesn't mean my hunt for tanners is over! It just means that I get to mark 1 in the 'yes' column.


  1. I've used this and love it!
    I really want to try St.Tropez.
    Don't you love the smell of this?

    1. I do really love the smell! As for St. Tropez, it's going to be the next thing I purchase. Keep an eye out!


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