Saturday, June 1, 2013


Finally! Sweet, sweet summertime. This Summer, I will be posting about various well-known bronzers around the beauty world. So if that's your thing, subscribe or follow my blog! I'll be sure to keep you updated :)

So, something caught my eye at work a few weeks ago. See, my favorite scent at VS used to be Pink's 'Warm and Cozy' and on top of that, I was looking for a bronzer or self-tanner. Of course, there was something to fit my need. Cue these body bronzers!

I'm going to start off by saying that I am a bit disappointed in the product as a whole... I was expecting a little more color and a little less scent. I could put up a photo of a 'before and after' but to be honest, the coloring would never match up and I'd rather just tell you guys my opinion in words!

You squeeze the product out and begin to rub it onto your skin and you'll instantly smell your chosen scent and see a bit of color. As you rub and blend in, the color sheers out while the scent is still powerful. I have only used this sparingly (one week I had it on my arms, another my legs) because I was too afraid of the overpowering scent lingering. It actually began to give me a headache and caused me to lose my love for the scent. I was more prepared for an actual bronzing instead of the hint of tan and luminous glow that I was given.

With the slightly hefty price tag of $18, I would ultimately say pass. Unless you ADORE a scent and don't need much color added to you.


  1. I just got this product , im going to say about a month or two ago and ive used it many times. I could say the same. I just adore the scent.

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