Saturday, July 27, 2013


Turning twenty was like a mid-youth crisis to me. I had been preparing for it mentally by choosing what anti-aging tools I wanted to purchase once I turned the corner out of my teens. Think it's way too early? Many professionals recommend beginning an anti-aging regimen once you hit the big 2-0 to absolutely prevent your skin from going too loose too early.

Typically, I do pretty well taking care of my skin. I stay out of the sun(not by choice.. my skin tone doesn't exactly fare well under sunshine) and have started to moisturize. Also, if you check my mom out she totally does not look her age. It's hard to believe she's a year off of sixty because she looks fab. If I'm anything like her genetically(which I seem to be) then I'll be set for minimal wrinklage and minimal graying as I begin to age. All of that still couldn't stop me from wanting to do as much as possible to combat aging skin!

Cue Mario Badescu. All of our favorites. I did mad research trying to find a formula that was non-greasy and was popular for anti-aging. I stumbled upon a super cool product; Mario's 'Cellufirm Drops'.

For $25 you get 1oz of a green collagen-filled, gel-like liquid. Seems like a small amount but a little goes a long way with this product. You're told to place dots around your face and neck and then massage them into your skin. The basic structure that I've been doing looks a bit like this:

as I feel these are the areas most prone to wrinkling. If you can't really tell, there are three dots around my eyes, two around my mouth and one in between my eyebrows.

The drops are very lightweight and definitely non-greasy as they are advertised. I can't tell you if they've done anything quite yet as we won't really be able to tell for a bit but as I trust the Mario Badescu brand, I feel as I'm in good hands.

Besides these and the famous drying lotion, what other Mario Badescu products have you guys tried, if any? I would love to hear all about 'em so I can add them to my next 'to buy' list.

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