Monday, July 22, 2013


This is gonna be a heavy post, y'all. I cannot even begin to grasp all the new music that is floating around!! I've put all of them into this post today to share what I've been listening to.

First is my OFFICIAL new favorite song. I just.. holy wow. Fifth Harmony is finally out releasing music after their third place finish on the US X Factor. I never really got into them and the 'fandom' war between Little Mix and Fifth Harmony kind of kept me away from listening into them too much more. I knew they were all very talented singers but this song just showcases how AMAZING they all are when together. I give huge props to the music video producer and director as well because I love the video just as much as I love the song. Definitely blows any Little Mix song out of the water.

Not a new song but a new video! 'Made in the USA' was one of my favorite tracks off of Demi Lovato's latest self-titled album and I was super stoked to hear that it was going to be her next single! The music video goes well with the song's story and I enjoyed having Dustin Milligan (from 90210) in the video, too.

New Selena! Not only is today the girl's 21st birthday but tomorrow is the drop date for her album 'Stars Dance'. After the huge success that was 'Come and Get It', I can only assume the same for this new single! The music video is provocative and sultry but I'm totally digging it. She's battling the child-star-turned-adult very well and as sexy as this video is, it wasn't in a bad light on Selena.

Quickly transitioning from sultry to the ultra-innocent Angie Miller.. the phenomenal singer who sprouted from last season's American Idol. Can anybody else (who actually watched the show.. I know almost nobody does any longer) believe she came in third place? Not even second. Third! Insanity. Sure to be a huge star, Angie released this teaser of a new song of hers called 'Put it On Me'. I can't wait to hear the entire thing!

Next we've got Cassadee Pope's new music video for her new song 'Wasting All These Tears'! The girl  did it. She transitioned to country while still remaining herself. Can you believe this video was playing all over CMT? After spending years seeing her and her old band Hey Monday in the smallest of venues, it super cool to watch her on my television screen. Wish I liked Rascal Flatts enough to go catch her on his tour in September.

What the heck. Five minutes after I post this post I check my YouTube to find another new song! This is Ariana Grande's newest song, Baby I. A couple of listens in and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. However, the girl is so talented and I feel such power in all of her songs that I can surely see myself growing to like this. I wonder if it'll become a radio hit as much as 'The Way' was since she doesn't have a popular rapper to duet with her?

Last but certainly not least is our favorite group of boys from across the sea. Unless you're a fan of The Wanted.. then it's your second favorite group of boys! Given I'm not a fanatic 'directioner', I had no clue they were releasing a new song. I guess it had to do with their 3D movie coming out quite soon. Since I saw this leak on Tumblr, I have seen tweets everywhere and have even begun hearing it on the radio. Definitely a feel-good pop song. If you're not down to have fun, don't even try it! But I love One Direction a ton so I'll always love a new song of theirs. **update** of course, an hour and a half after I post the lyric video, they upload the music video. Enjoy!

Whew! That was a lot. Hope you all liked at least some of the songs and videos I've shown you! I realized they're all pretty much in the same Top 40 realm but hey? It's Summer. It's the season for cheesy radio hits.

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