Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hellooo ladies! Today I'm here to talk about a new product that I never dreamt I'd be talking about or even more, own! That product is this NYX Roll-On Shimmer in the color 'Salmon'. I became hip to these things after watching one of LollyDolly128's videos on YouTube (the exact video was this one). When she applied this to her inner corner I almost had to gasp from surprise because I had no idea the payoff that comes from this! A simple roll gives you a perfect amount of color and glitz. These are nothing like the roll-on sticks we had back in the 90's.

messily applied on my lid
I found that although this is super pretty directly after application, the color does wear away quite quickly. Once you roll the color on whether it be on the lid or in the inner corner, be sure not to blend the color with your finger but more pat it into your skin. This will help keep the tone concentrated and not thin it out. These are only $3.99 at Ulta so I have to say for the money, they're a winner. Maybe I should just speak singularly about this shade since I haven't tried the others.. this shade is a winner. Once I gather more shades I'll be sure to tell you all how I like those!

Have any of you guys tried the brighter colors? Hopefully they have a bit more staying power than this guy.

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