Saturday, August 10, 2013


...oh my. Hi guys. New favorite product alert here!

So I finally jumped onto the NYX Butter Gloss bandwagon because I needed a few bucks more to get free shipping on my most recent Urban Outfitters order. They've started carrying some awesome brands and they're been carrying NYX for a little while now and when I saw the Butter Glosses, I knew what I had to do. With a little research,  I decided on the shade 'Peaches and Cream'.

P&C is a super pretty medium, slightly warm pink. The formula of these glosses is super interesting, too. They're thick but not sticky. The shade that I got (and from others that I've seen from YouTube videos) is also extremely pigmented and a little goes a long way. Since they're so thick they do also have a good wear time!

I have these weird line things in my lips whenever I smile and I can always tell when a product is nice because it'll cover up those lines. It's kind of like a foundation! This totally does that.

I'm not sure which color I'm going to head towards next but I'll be sure to share it once I do get another!

Have any of you guys tried these Butter Glosses? What colors do you own?

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