Thursday, August 29, 2013


Running a little late over here but it not like this year's VMAs has already been forgotten... right?! I straight-up refuse to discuss a certain event because I'm just sickened and completely annoyed by the artist and their schenanigans. Onto the important things.. like Katy's performance! Swoon. I fall in love with that woman more and more every day. Okay, seriously. Important things. LIKE THE FASHION!

From L to R: Ariana Grande, Allison Williams, Ellie Goulding, Shailene Woodley and Mary Lambert
These five ladies are my top best dressed and are in no order whatsoever! I had a bit of trouble finding five as it seemed people did not really do it for me but after enough digging I did find this group and I love all of them.

First up is the world's newest sweetheart, Ariana Grande. I've been a fan of hers for awhile and it's very cool to watch her fame grow each month(it seems!) and I loved this floral dress of hers. The shoes were just as adorable as was her everyday long, curled hairstyle. The only thing I constantly strive of her is to fill in her brows!!!! It's the biggest pet peeve of mine! But who am I to judge somebody off of something like that? Silly. Overall, she's cute like always.

Second over is Allison Williams from the show 'Girls' and her overall look was so beautiful for me. The hair up and away from her face with that higher neckline, the smokey eyes and that cream color? Gorgeous. I don't personally know her or her work but she's an A+ in my fashion book!

Now, now now.. Ellie Goulding. I'm giving this lady my gold star for BEST DRESSED!!!! This gown was so absolutely perfect in every way. Loved the muted grey-blue color, the STUDS and that fantastic slit. That is a slit done correctly. Plus, her hair looked effortless and put-together. AAA+++, Ellie.

Another love of my life is Shailene Woodley. After watching some interviews of hers over the past few weeks I've grown into a bigger fan of hers as she is very classy and such a lovely girl. It's unfortunate that her first role that everybody knew her as was from 'Secret Life of the American Teenager' because that show was absolute rubbish. Terrible. It watered down her acting ability so much it should embarrass everybody involved in the show. I'm pumped to see her new movies coming out (Divergent and The Spectacular Now). Aside from her acting, her look was so chic. I love those kinds of tops when they're done correctly and she definitely pulled it off well.

Lastly was somebody that I just learned about, Mary Lambert. Also known as the woman in Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' 'Same Love'. Incredible voice and incredible tattoos. Man, can she rock them. Plus, I'm a sucker for a sequin gown and the color and fit really suited her nicely. Maybe a little too fancy for the VMAs but altogether put together nicely and totally sparkled when she was on stage to accept her award and perform!

I would love to know who your favorites were at the VMAs fashion-wise since I thought the pool was so shallow this year. Let me know in the comments!

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